Wii Sports – Golf – Albatross – Hole 9

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Wii Sports - Golf - Albatross - Hole 9

This is me playing wii sports golf. Nice albatross
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to “Wii Sports – Golf – Albatross – Hole 9”
  1. andrew watkins says:

    i been trying to get the albatross in like forever

  2. andrew watkins says:

    i got a eagle a few times this week and on hole 2 par 3 i hit the the ball on my second shot it went on the flag and went in the cup that was my best chip in’s yet

  3. Ardaens Arnaud says:

    ahhaha lucky one!

  4. MrSkutr12 says:

    How did u get it to say albatross instead of double eagle

  5. MrKIllaClowns says:

    Look I’m by far not the smartest person in the world. I’ve smoked 90% of my brain cells away, but what i do not get is how the fuck do you listen to someone write something on here? Maybe the genius that wrote that “ToCoolToCare721” maybe you can make a video of how to do it? Don’t want no drama just askin.

  6. StarkilerRooney99 says:

    Krass alter. Wir haben nen albatross loch 5 geschafft aber das was du gemacht hast…. RESPEKT!!!

  7. StickFight775 says:

    @theultimatekoopa2 Eh, his username is ToCoolToCare721 that’s why he doesn’t care.

  8. Matthew Collinson says:

    “Bullies are not welcome”
    “Shut up and get lost, LOSER! no one wants to listen to you RETARD”
    “to bad there isnt a par 6 or a par 7… RETARD”

    Yes, I’m the fucking bully you fucking shit. You are so clever!

  9. Matthew Collinson says:

    Also again, how the freaking hell did you ‘delete my comment’? Oh wait, you didn’t. Because you CAN’T!

  10. Matthew Collinson says:

    Woah hold on…. how exactly am I a bully? I’m the one that calls people retards because I didn’t do my research? No. Also, I repeat. What the hell gives YOU the right to tell me whether I’m ‘welcome to this video’? Also, I repeat again, how am I a bully? I’m not a bully. I’m a retard, remember? I can’t help being a retard. Because being a retard is retardedly how I am. Unfortunately my retardedly retarded retardedness is very retardedly high in retardedness. You’re the bully.

  11. Lizzie Bhayani says:

    bullies are not welcome. no one wants to listen to write crap. be nice to people. you are a very evil person. no one likes you. i am saying it was not acceptable of the other guy to call you a retard, and i did too. but you do deserve it. as i said before bullies are not welcome.

  12. Matthew Collinson says:

    Oh really? This channel is not available? How fucking awesome.

  13. Matthew Collinson says:

    Who the fuck gives you the right to say who can and can not be ‘welcome’ to this video? I’m not the one who started this you fucking cunts? I’M not the one that called someone a retard for no reason! Baseball24ky says “to bad there isnt a par 6 or a par 7…retard”

  14. Lizzie Bhayani says:

    shut up and get lost, loser! no one wants to listen to you retard!

  15. Lizzie Bhayani says:

    i deleted theultimatekoopa2’s comment. He is not welcome to this video.

  16. Matthew Collinson says:

    I already said that, BEFORE he called me a retard. It’s bad enough being called a retard when you’re wrong, but if you’re called a retard, when you’re right, but they THINK you’re wrong, then it’s annoying.

  17. ArtemissimetrA says:

    Holy shit, man. That’s quite an overreaction.  You would have won the argument with “There’s a par 7 in Japan.” Take it easy.

  18. ghostshipgames says:

    What the fuck is going on with the CAPS below!? reeeally nice shot btw..

  19. Matthew Collinson says:

    Well that’s what you get when you call someone a retard. Not that you have yet. But you’re obviously on the cunt’s side.

  20. mcspreggen says:


  21. Ap3LsinaS says:

    Double Eagle

  22. baseball24ky says:

    to bad there isnt a par 6 or a par 7…retard

  23. Matthew Collinson says:

    A hole-in-one on a Par 5, you mean? Yes, that’s a condor, which is a score of -4, or 4 under par. In total, it goes Par (E), Birdie (-1), Eagle (-2), Albatross (-3), Condor (-4), Ostrich (-5), Phoenix (-6). Getting a phoenix is pretty impossible. It requires a hole-in-one on a Par 7 course. And there’s only one Par 7 course in the WORLD, the seventh hole on the Satsuki golf course in Sano, Japan. It’s a whopping 964 yards. Note that the longest drive in the world, is 515 yards.

  24. 13gamerbullet says:

    par of 5 would be a Condor right?

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