Tour Striker “Smart Bag” – Impact Bag & Plane Board

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GET YOUR TOUR STRIKER SMART IMPACT BAG TODAY! CLICK HERE: I’d like to introduce to you the Tour Striker “Smart Bag.” This training aid is part impact bag and part plane board and can be used for a variety of training purposes. Go to to buy yours. The Tour Striker Smart Impact Bag Delivers: Better ball striking Lower golf scores Help fix your golf slice Help fix your golf hook Impact the golf ball like a golf touring pro Hit longer golf drives off the tee Consistency on the golf course Golf Instruction feedback Improve your golf swing Improve your golf setup Helps you learn the correct golf swing Hit more golf fairways Hit more golf greens Discover Golf Revolution Revolution Golf Become the best Junior Golfer Win Golf Tournaments
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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19 Responses to “Tour Striker “Smart Bag” – Impact Bag & Plane Board”
  1. Martin Chuck says:

    Yes, that setting will help you feel a better path. If you smash the bag a few times, no biggie. You’ll get it. Thanks for the support.

  2. M3gatr0n44 says:

    Hey Martin, just put in my order can’t wait to try it out.
    Just wondering I swing a little over the top with my driver, is the drill setting the pillow out in front OK to use with a a driver?

  3. bigpokerboy says:

    I’ll just bring my pillow to practice…..

  4. Martin Chuck says:

    Yes this is issue comes from the file converting to “mono” stereo. I will have to research how to fix it. If only I had more time. 🙂 Thanks for your support.

  5. docomo661 says:

    For me there is sound but only in the left side (wearing headphones). Btw, great product, this will definitely help me because I have swing plane issues for sure. It will go quite well with my TS 7 iron 🙂

  6. Martin Chuck says:

    We do ship internationally and yes it ships without the “filling”. I use old towels but you can stuff in with whatever you have that works. Let me know if I can help with anything else.

  7. M3gatr0n44 says:

    Hey Martin, looks great just wondering do you ship internationally? If so does it ship without the inner (sand bag or whatever the weight is)

  8. Martin Chuck says:

    🙂 I’m deadly serious about helping people play better. 

  9. David Schultz says:

    that pic of you on the bottom right looks like you’re ready to murder someone. it’s funny because you have such a calm demeanor and soothing voice.

  10. Martin Chuck says:

    Ok I have an idea that is easy. I have the video embedded on my website (Tour Striker Golf Academy link above) then to the smart bag link and the video will pop up.
    See if you can view it there. Sorry for the hassle

  11. gazstaf says:

    Martin, all other u tube videos have sound.
    There is one other video you posted which had no sound as well.
    Contacted u tube help for more info..but if you could send a link through vimeo that would be awesome.


  12. Martin Chuck says:

    That is strange. I just replayed and there definitely is sound. I wonder if I sent you a link through vimeo would make any difference?? Did you try on a different computer? Let me know. Thanks

  13. gazstaf says:

    Martin no sound? can you re post please?

  14. Martin Chuck says:

    Thanks! Glad you dig it. I appreciate the support.

  15. Martin Chuck says:

    Thanks, good ol’ iMovie. I think I’ll change my name to Martin “Scorcese”

  16. Martin Chuck says:

    Thanks for the nice words. It is a handy gizmo indeed.

  17. ejones1961 says:

    That looks really good, multiple training aids in one

  18. BobC777 says:

    Very well produced video AND interesting product.

  19. ArchiveGolf says:

    Truly, a terrific product.

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