Tour Striker – Quadrant Drill – Filmed at Tetherow Golf Club, Bend, Oregon

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Sneak Peek – Tour Striker Instruction DVD – Chapter; Understanding where the low point of the golf swing is very important. This “quadrant” excercise explains the three “good” quadrants and one “bad” quadrant. For more coaching information by Martin Chuck, visit

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21 Responses to “Tour Striker – Quadrant Drill – Filmed at Tetherow Golf Club, Bend, Oregon”
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  5. Darline Puntleitner says:

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  6. TheNYgolfer says:

    For iron shots use what the golfing machine calls ‘the aiming point concept”. Place a tee in the ground 4 inches in front of the ball (make sure tee is fully pushed into the ground so that the top of the tee is barely above ground level).Now forget about the ball and concentrate strictly on the tee. The goal now is to RAM that tee into the ground.Feel like you are trying to drive it through the earth to China.Make sure your hands are ALWAYS ahead of the clubhead until AFTER impact with the tee

  7. Martin Chuck says:

    Begin with the end in mind; commit to finishing in balance and don’t sacrifice balance for anything else. Let your swing touch the ground in the correct quadrant while you athletically get to a balanced finish position. Once you can do that, you can heat things up and add some speed.

  8. specenka says:

    Martin, I have in the last week been trying to implement your teachings. I have been a decent golf over the years but think I’ve been a flipper most of the time, especially with my short irons. I’ve strengthened my grip so as to grip it in an impact position which is really taking some getting used to. What I’m really struggling with is keeping my balance and getting the club to bottom out in the quadrant you say it should. Any suggestions to help with this.

  9. Netsonar says:

    Club is total bs further when returned product only received 70% of purchase price I found it easier to hit than my blades not good

  10. Martin Chuck says:

    In the moment of filming the video, I should have put a groove on the ground, rather than cross-hairs. Hope the thumb is okay!

  11. TheGolfdu says:

    Tip: don’t hit actually balls in the quadrant drill with alignment sticks or else you’ll wind up with a broken alignment stick and invisible fiberglass splinters in your thumb. Ouch

  12. grobza11 says:

    Hi Martin.
    I tried this in my back garden and found it very difficult not to hit the dowel. I’ll keep on practising cos it looks so right. Thanks for the video.

  13. Martin Chuck says:

    It is my last name. Two first name…very confusing!

  14. juicyfruitzy says:

    why do ppl keep calling you Chuck if that’s not your name?

  15. Martin Chuck says:

    btw…my first name is Martin:) You are the 40026th person to do that:)

  16. Martin Chuck says:

    Yes. My second coach, Mark Evershed, was a TGM AI. He taught me a lot of the concepts of the book. I signed up for the exam in the mid 90’s but I couldn’t afford the supplemental fees at the time, so I didn’t become an AI. I’m a big fan of Mr. Kelley’s work.

    The sand drill is my favorite! I profess that hitting 20 balls out of a fairway bunker is worth 200 on the range. Pro’s teaching Ams to pick it and skull it out of bunkers is HS. If the lip isn’t a factor, hit the ball then the sand!

  17. idatomhue says:

    Chuck are you TGM trained? The Tourstriker looks a very good product getting people to have forward lean on the shaft at impact. I spent a lot of time in the bunker doing the Ben Doyle drills you demonstrate working on aiming point. I found the bunker training aiming to enter the sand ahead of the line the most effective way to change aiming point. The problem is when they start hitting balls they can lose it quickly and pick the ball again. The Tourstriker will help the transfer on the range.

  18. Martin Chuck says:

    Sort of… I would have loved to spend time with the man. I’ve met him a couple of times. I have a lot of his videos.

  19. idatomhue says:

    Chuck were you taught by Ben Doyle?

  20. Martin Chuck says:

    Thanks, I’m a big fan of Bobby’s book. I recommend it to all of my students.

  21. golfprogress says:

    Great video Chuck, sounds a lot like what Bobby Clampett talks about in his book ‘The Impact Zone’ about bottoming out the club 4 inches past the ball, and the fact that few amateurs have that concept mastered.

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