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Tom Watson's 1982 Chip-in

Great Shots from GolfLink shows you how to recreate some of the most famous shots in Championship Golf History. Tom Watson’s famous chip in shot from the 1982 US Open at Pebble Beach was successful because he cut the ball very high to make it stop quickly. Replicate Watson’s winning shot with instruction from the director of Pebble Beach Golf Academy in this video on golf techniques.
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23 Responses to “Tom Watson – The Official Site | Golf DVD, Golf Lessons”
  1. geraldinebacalso says:

    An amazing video indeed, everything here is truly educational.

  2. YouShouldDie2 says:

    called a flop shot ya dingus

  3. JacobMali says:

    thank you, we all can  learn with these videos.

  4. ZJComparisons says:


  5. mdmde says:

    Ok, I didn’t know but just googled it and found a description:
    “Watson made a graceful, descending blow with his sand wedge”
    so like the shot, sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good, but
    we all know Tom Watson is not good, but great. I think I could make that shot about 2% of the time.

  6. cdsballer99 says:

    how do you know it was one of those two? it could have also been a gap wedge, a lob wedge, or an ultra lob wedge.

  7. mdmde says:

    Great video. Was it a pitching wedge or sand wedge?

  8. mdmde says:

    Great video. What type of club was itz?
    sand wedge or pitching wedge?

  9. da3skooom says:

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  10. darkblood63 says:

    thumbs up if u camne from a chip rap XD

  11. Daytonaman675 says:

    Added to my bag of short range shots. Thanks for the video 🙂

  12. transferencedebon says:

    Best video ever!
    I like it!

  13. toothypsd says:


  14. Lostkiwi123 says:

    so a flop shot lol….

  15. EvilMushroom11 says:


  16. iamzbacku says:

    Your videos are no better than the false advertising I see everyday on TV

  17. eruption013 says:

    the rough tom had to deal with would have been up to your nack

  18. camondrums says:

    thrilling, not always, mostly frustrating :D

  19. Osmar Albujar says:

    Hey man hi there.
    I just write for give thanks for you because i’m learning with these videos.
    i want to be tricker =) and you already helped me.

  20. maryjohanna1524 says:

    Very cool. I am not a golfer, and don’t really think of it as a “thrilling” sport, but this was a nice little piece that captured the spirit & excitement of Tom’s chip-in.

  21. Bowen Osborn says:

    Great Shots – cool concept and great quality. neat how you explain the circumstances of the shot and how to execute it yourself. i’m gonna go practice!

  22. prorobo says:

    This is fantastic! From the instruction to the stellar video production! Great job all around!

  23. Bowen Osborn says:

    wow, what a cool way to capture watson’s shot in 1982. great video quality and great instruction from the head pro at Pebble Beach!

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