The Perfect Golf Grip – Learn the perfect grip fast!

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Learn how to easily establish the perfect golf grip. Don’t forget to join my Facebook page for loads more tips!
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7 Responses to “The Perfect Golf Grip – Learn the perfect grip fast!”
  1. GolfingTipsTV says:

    hey thanks! there are loads more videos coming soon!

  2. heronpete says:

    this is the best video on the grip on youtube, well done

  3. heronpete says:

    thank you

  4. GolfingTipsTV says:

  5. GolfingTipsTV says:

    Okay, I have been looking at making a video about this, I will put up some some drills to help you on my website in the meantime.

  6. heronpete says:

    any videos about the downswing, left knee, or left hip, right hip, right knee. what is the best way to start the downswing

  7. GolfingTipsTV says:

    Any questions or ideas for new videos are welcome guys!

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