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THE LEADBETTER CORRECT GRIP GOLF GLOVE. 80% of golfers grip the club incorrectly. Grip it right every time with the Leadbetter Correct Grip Golf Glove. Conforms with USGA Rules. Endorsed by world renowned golf instructor David Leadbetter. https

The training glove recommended by PGA professionals. The patented strapping system gives you ultimate grip and feeling without compromising control on your club. The design of the Grip-par® glove is like a normal conventional golf glove which makes it extremely comfortable to wear. With it’s unique patented strapping this makes this glove perfect for all aspects of the game. With the short game it does not negate the amount of feel that you have so you are able to maintain good quality positions through the ball whether it is pitching, chipping or bunker play. When using a driver it helps promote a good solid position at the top of a back swing, thus ensuring a good transition from the top of the back swing to the start of the down swing. The Grip-par® glove really does give good control and consistency with your game. This glove is ideal for beginners and professionals as a training aid. Sufferers of short or long term loss of grip also benefit. If you suffer from (RSI) Repetitive Strain Injury, Arthritis, Loss of Grip, Cramps or Poor Circulation we hope that this glove will give you your independence back and also give support where you need it and get you back to the game of golf. R&A Approved (Exception 1 of Rule 14:3) RRP: £14.99 – £19.99
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