The Golf Swing Weekly Fix Golf Grip Tips Better Players Posture Lesson

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Get Mark’s iPad App Get Mark’s iPhone App Get Mark’s Android App Like Mark Crossfield on Facebook Follow Mark/4golfonline on twitter The Golf Swing Weekly Fix Golf Grip Tips Better Players Posture Lesson with Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru PGA professional. Mark helps more golfers with another golf lesson show talking about posture, grip and more tips and drills. Improve your golf swing every week with Mark and start playing some better golf.
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Get Mark’s iPhone App Get Mark’s Android App Like Mark Crossfield on Facebook Follow Mark/4golfonline on twitter Mark Crossfield the Exeter golf professional shows you how to hit your golf shots better with the correct backswing. The golf swing tip is easy to understand, watch the video lesson for better golf today.

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44 Responses to “The Golf Swing Weekly Fix Golf Grip Tips Better Players Posture Lesson”
  1. Mark Sookee says:

    Mark, First timer watching you videos. Simple and to the point. I am planning a comeback after a three year lay off and will use this stuff to build a practice regime. Many thanks, Mark

  2. Jamie Jack says:

    Should you have a flatter swing for the driver and fairway woods than your irons or should the swing be the same for every full swing shot? Thanks and great videos Mark! 

  3. 007toft007 says:

    how do u hit the ball

  4. fentcrease says:

    How do you stop shanks??

  5. BlackSmokeMonster says:

    Whoever the person is at 00:38 doing the swing on the left has one of the worst swings I have ever seen.

  6. downtoearthwithben says:

    Hi Mark, thanks for your help, my swing is the first swing on the left side of the screen at 00:38. do you or anybody else have any other tips that will help improve my pretty awful swing?

  7. aidanmccabe1981 says:

    i hope you make quite a bit of money through advertising on here, your great for us simple golfers!

  8. lukesails says:

    hi mark,
    could you please do something on PUTTING. I’m sure most of us can’t put like Sam Snead or Steve Stricker

  9. TheRyanner says:

    I cannot stop snap hooking my driver and irons,what can I do to stop this,thanks

  10. Ste Butler says:


  11. Woolly Band says:

    lol some of them are just god awful… where do you begin?

  12. blakerh says:

    Thank you for the videos!!! I am learning a lot!! Good day!

  13. GolfTipsNow10 says:

    Love golf and want to become a better golfer then subscribe me!

  14. Ryan Chambers says:

    can shafts have a big effect on ball flight? i use a regular flex shaft and i always slice the ball. i have a nice swing and have fixed my problems. i think if i were to get stiffer shafts it would really help. thanks mark

  15. revolutionpollution says:

    how do i become a golf coach like you??

  16. MrBigGuns77 says:

    exactly he is here to help people that obviously are having problems with their game, not for people that already have the “perfect” swing which i’m sure you have dear boy, so why dont you take your egotistical self somewhere else, or you could actually give some advice yourself if you are so amazing which i’m sure you are.

  17. PosiJoel says:

    Hey Mark. I’ve been having trouble keeping my swing on plane at the top of the swing. After watching a recording, I noticed I have a natural motion to bring my hands up about 1-3 inches at the top of the swing, causing my to go over the top, and out to in on the downswing. This motion is second-nature and I’m struggling to correct it. Can you do a video on any drills that can help make the adjustments needed to fix this? Thanks!!! Love the videos!

  18. UtubeUsernameInvalid says:

    Hi Mark, which hand should be leading and controlling the golf swing? in terms of grip pressure, are they equal or should the right hand grip more firmly? I am a righty btw.

  19. jaredmorgan962 says:

    Hi mark. Had a long break from golf, but now I’m back with a cheap set of clubs. When using my irons I get a terrible pain in my left hand. Is it my grip or the clubs. Howson derby are the clubs 🙁 . Please help.

  20. Callum Walters says:

    Could you help me with my driving? I sometimes suffer with a massive left to right hook but I can’t tell what I’m doing wrong!

  21. BirdmanJune says:

    And luckily Mark is here to help you!

  22. MrRedskinsrock96 says:

    Hey, mark can you do a what’s in the bag, thanks love the videos.

  23. xcracer450 says:

    Please talk about wrist hinge in the backswing. When to hinge, how much to hinge, what clubs require more/less hinge, etc. Thanks

  24. goomy worms says:

    Mark, for consistency do you suggest a smooth swing like Ernie Els or an aggressive swing like Tiger?

  25. goomy worms says:

    For backspin have clean grooves and good contact… And give a good hard swing at it. You won’t get spin with a wimpy swing. You needs lots of speed going thru the ball

  26. Austin McCollum says:

    Ok so I have been playing baseball my whole life and I just started picking up golf. So in my backswing I can set my hands and wrist perfectly but when I start coming through to strike the ball my right wrist won’t come back over to square my clubface. This comes from my natural inside out baseball swing, where I keep my wrists locked until after contact with the ball. How would you suggest to get my wrists to come over to square my clubface?

  27. beingahm says:

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    You definetly make our country proud. well done. Looking forward from Ufone a lot more in this regards.

  28. Theclassiccarnut says:

    need to turn hips in order to keep left arm extended.

  29. rich jones says:

    hi mate if you get a spare two minutes have a look at my swing videos, also how do you get more views?? thanks and good tips 🙂

  30. caloyjp says:

    when does the wrist start to hinge during the backswing?

  31. GlenburnGolf says:


  32. Heath Triffett says:

    faldo quit because the kids were out driving him by 100 yards on tour and his gigantic ego couldn’t take it. I’ll stick with mark thanks 😛

  33. peartfaldo says:

    Again…check out Nick Faldos preset drill. Its here on youtube.  Just type in Faldo preset drill. IT WORKS/HELPS Good Luck.

  34. peartfaldo says:

    Check out Nick Faldos pre set drill.  Its here on youtube. It will help you no doubt. Just type in Faldo Preset Drill and favorite it. IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!

  35. steveminla says:

    This is by far my most difficult part to over come at the moment!
    Thanks you for the insight ( from this video and many other of your videos )!

  36. zlliddude says:

    When you have your arms on the backswing at 90degrees (as you explained here), is your left arm parallel to your feet – or is it pointing right or left of the target?

  37. mypalsdontcallme says:

    how can i send you a video of my swing?

  38. yankeeinsurance says:

    Have trouble with getting arms stuck behind me. When and how to set wrists?

  39. beefflavouredbolloks says:

    Wow, these videos are great I’ve picked up on so many issues in my swing which I’ve recently created thanks for the help.

  40. michaeltillcock says:

    hi, it would be great if you could look at my swing and give me some tips, can see my swing in slow-mo on my channel

  41. ved68 says:

    Perfect.. Have been trying to figure this one out.. Very well explained.. Tks

  42. 4golfonline says:

    Thanks for the comments, if you want to send me video to help you with your golf swing just drop me a line.

  43. underdog3four says:

    Superb, easy to follow, no nonsense tips that work. i’ve taken this stuff to the range, set up my camera and worked out kinks in the matter of a half hour or so. Keep them coming… Wisconsin loves these vids!

  44. IanPoulterFan2010 says:

    all ur vids have helped me out just a little bit and THAT make all the difference.
    thank you and keep the vids coming!

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