Pete Styles : Golf Back Swing Drill To Improve Swing Plane

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Pete Styles shows you this great backswing drill that will help you get the golf club in the right position and on a good swing plane. It will show you if you’re taking the club too far outside the or too far inside the ideal swing path. For more golf swing drills please visit:

Pete Styles : How To Play The Mickelson Flop Shot

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Pete Styles shows you how to play the Phil Mickelson flop shot or parachute shot. For more golf tips from Pete, please visit: Video Rating: 5 / 5 Pete Styles shows you how to determine the correct distance to the golf ball as you set up with each club. For a complete step-by-step video […]

Pete Styles : The Golf Grip – A Complete Step-By-Step Guide

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Pete Styles shows you the golf grip lesson covering every aspect of a proper grip on the club. Covers left hand and right hand postion, grip pressure, Vardon, interlinking, baseball grip etc. For more tips and an illustrated guide to the golf grip, please visit: Video Rating: 4 / 5

“Disc Golf” Drive Analysis 2 – More Throwing Styles

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disc golf, discgolf, disc golf, frisbee, innova, discraft – More Drive Analysis from the 2007 St. Louis Open Disc Golf Tournament Geoff Bennett (Discraft) – Sidearm drive Justin Bunnell (Gateway) – Backhand drive Coda Hatfield (Innova) – Tomahawk

Disc Golf Drive Analysis – 4 Throwing Styles

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Disc discgolf disc golf frisbee, innova, discraft – Geoff Bennett sidearm drive, Coda Hatfield backhand drive, Jerry Barklege forehand roller, George Smith backhand roller. All footage from 2007 St. Louis Open – Creve Coeur Lake, Endicott Park, Jefferson Barracks, Sioux Passage AWine44 takes an M14 to Berlin and helps his team win some Domination. Disc […]