Right Wrist Action in Golf Swing – Golf Lesson by Herman Williams Golf Raleigh NC

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www.hermanwilliamsgolf.com Watch as Herman Williams, PGA Pro Golf Instructor in Raleigh NC, explains the role of the right hand and describes in detail the right wrist action in golf swing. Learn the exact right hand grip and how to position the trigger finger. Learn how the right wrist moves in the takeaway. And then get […]

Golf Grip: Perfect Right Hand Grip Placement

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Click Here For More Tips: ignitiongolf.com Golf Grip Right Hand Placement In this video I talk about the right hand of the golf grip, or the bottom hand of the grip. This is a very tough thing to achieve. It will feel very weak and very awkward but in the long run it will increase […]

Golf Swing – Back Swing Sequence – Right Arm – Jeff Ritter

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Jeff discusses the key elements to an efficient and effortless back swing. Visit Jeff’s web site www.jeffrittergolf.com Video Rating: 4 / 5 Here is a short tutorial on how to use version 3.0 of the Swing by Swing Scorecard.

How to Choose the Right Shot – World Golf Tour Tutorial

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World Golf Tour presents: Chip or flop? Learn how to choose the right shot in this tutorial narrated by Peter Kessler. www.wgt.com WGT will choose a default shot for you. The different types of shots are available in the lower left corner of your screen. Full Swing=Most Power Punch Shot=Lower shot, for when there’s an […]

Get free golf tips online right now.

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Check out these free golf tips for optimizing your swing. Host Erica Webster gives you free golf tips for improving your stance, aim, and control to maximize your swing. Browse our video library to find free golf tips for any aspect of your game. EW UnevenLie free golf tips, video, golf training aids, golf GPS, […]

How to Play Disc Golf : The X-Step & the Right Backhand Throw in Disc Golf

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The X-step is the primary step of the right back hand throw in the game of disc golf (also known as Frisbee golf or D-golf). Learn more about the X-step and the basic form and technique of the right backhand throw in this free beginners disc golf video lesson. Expert: Patrick Kitten Bio: Patrick Kitten […]