Simple Golf Tips – # 5: Down Hill Shot

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The down hill shot can be very tricky. Use these tips to help master this difficult shot.

Winter Golf Lessons Long Island NEVER Keep Your HEAD DOWN??

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Filed under Golf Lessons PGA Golf Professional Joe Munzer debunks a popular myth about the golf swing….KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN…..Do it and your swing is history. Joe Munzer Long Island Golf Lessons Book Lessons for the winter @ http Video Marketing Provided by Video Rating: 0 / 5 PGA Professional Joe Munzer explains a simple tip to […]

Golf Lessons with Derek Hooper – Down Swing Sequence Part II

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Golf Lessons with Derek Hooper – In part II of the video series on Down Swing Sequence, PGA Professional Derek Hooper, outlines how to build on the body drills presented in the first video and add the club and ball to the process of learning the correct down swing sequence.

Jeff Ritter Golf – Putting Tip – First Down Drill

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Jeff Ritter demonstrates an easy drill for developing better speed on the greens. Download the Jeff Ritter Golf FREE iPhone App by visiting the iTunes App Store! Susie Corona is the Director of Instruction at Terravita Golf and Country Club. Here she describes Terravita’s approach to teaching and coaching members. Terravita is a private […]

Golf Tips for the Down Swing

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These golf tips are for how to start the down swing. If you can master this, you will hit the golf ball farther than you ever have. For more free golf tips, visit Video Rating: 4 / 5

Indoor Golf Training – Start down Alignments.flv

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– The alignment of the shaft to the left wrist during start down to provide the correct delivery line with power, control and balance Video Rating: 0 / 5

Golf Tips & Etiquette : Golf: Down Swing

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To begin the down swing in golf, move the hips laterally before dropping down the golf club. Learn more about the down swing with tips from a PGA Professional in this free video on golf. Expert: Chris Ardolina Contact: Bio: Chris Ardolina is a class A PGA Professional and a Jim McLean-Certified instructor in […]