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Getting Questions about how tracing the plane line with the right forearm works when the golf swing is arced. The Smart Stick at shows how.
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A look at the new Smart Stick training aid from the 2008 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando.
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7 Responses to “Smart Stick Golf Plane”
  1. MsPlywood says:

    Aid is worth about 50 bucks tops… will make my own from PVC and lasers for 15 to 20…

  2. TheGolfdu says:

    @scottlee73 The slow motion movement helps ingrain the proper movements in the swing. You wouldn’t just try to swing in fast motion and expect to ingrain good habits…

  3. Scott Lee says:

    Golf swing happens less than few seconds, so I am not sure how this slow mo will help. Or it is going to take lots of effort to do the same in a real swing. I am not saying the logic is wrong but I guess it is not efficient? There got to be a better way..

  4. jayjohnson2341 says:

    Martin…thank you. I have played golf for 30 years. I have always heard about the importance ” keeping the club on plane” during the take-away. But I never heard an explanation that made any sense, Yours did. I have been following your golf videos the past week. I have had more “aahhaa” moments in a week than I have had in a lifetime of golf practice and instruction.

  5. juspat2 says:

    This tool is great, but it’s pricey – so i just took a wiffleball bat – drilled two holes in it..took two laser pointers (for dogs and cats) and tuck them in…and bam – smart stick. once i can afford it, i’ll get one…but until then, it works great!

  6. RobertFromHere says:

    I use this training aid since this winter and it improved my game dramaticaly.

  7. 100cassel says:

    hello orange penis

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