PurePoint Golf Video Lessons – Timing in the Driver Swing

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PurePoint Golf Video Lessons - Timing in the Driver Swing

Here’s a great answer. I’ve always had problems with my hips lagging through my driver swing. Here’s a few really good tips from PurePointGolf.com.
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22 Responses to “PurePoint Golf Video Lessons – Timing in the Driver Swing”
  1. 7magicgolf says:

    my timing must be off but it’s been off for a while…. i naturally aline right (way right) but i think i’m aimed at the pin, then i wack the shit out of it and it goes where i wanted….. only i’m aimed waaaaaayyy right. but with wedges i’m alined perfect. *sigh* i really will go hit 10,000 balls. i like the advice. i even have a range set so i don’t scuff my clubs…….

  2. vincentmack37 says:

    try teeing up a little higher and opening your grip, as in shift your right hand a little so that your thumb is pointing more towards twelve oclock, then take a nice piece of blow from your bag and burn it slowly, then shoot up into a nice vein and lie down on the tee and have a nice snooze, i find this works well

  3. drinkinguy says:

    this makes a lot of sense

  4. tigerswede3 says:

    On the contrary loganeast, gripping the club tighter with your left hand (assuming you’re a right handed golfer), will INHIBIT the clubhead from rolling over. The looser your left hand, the more the clubhead will NATURALLY roll over. No offense, but this is what pro’s have been teaching for 15 years bud.

  5. Adam Huckeby says:

    i don’t mean to be argumentative but tightening your grip will , in general, cause the ball to go further to the right if you are right handed. Tight grips hinder your ability to turn the club face square at impact.

    there is a video posted by this same pro on this subject.

  6. m1sterh0tsauc3 says:

    sounds like an alignment problem maybe?

  7. funkyfreshMC says:

    overswinging with your lower body. When i really swing it hard, i get a slice.

  8. rakem5 says:

    i used to have that problem…try keeping the face of the club straight and also try hitting the ball lighter, because my problem was that i was over swinging which caused me to make the face open.

  9. justjames1111 says:

    Enjoy your vid’s Bobby and as usual,good advice, but in view of the fact that most people like me might hit 200-300 practice balls a week, (If I’m lucky) hitting 10,000 is not happening. In that case a great tip I picked up was to SLOW MY SWING DOWN TO 70/80 % OF NORMAL instead of trying to ‘cream’ it. I was frankly amazed at how quickly my timing and shots improved and by how much, and WITH SO MUCH LESS EFFORT !!!

  10. futbolplaya07 says:

    i have the same exact problem. i’m new to golf and i can hit a 6 iron further than i can hit my driver. i don’t know if its just because the driver scares me, and throws off everything i’m doing. but whatever, i gotta fix it. i know a lot of people who just use irons and don’t even bother touching the driver.

  11. Golfdude1137 says:

    I can’t really hit my Driver / 3 wood. I can flush every iron in my bag beautifully every time I address and hit the ball, but with my driver / 3 wood, the ball usually stays low and strays to the left a short distance. Basically I can hit my 3 iron by far longer. Any suggestions as to why this is and what I could do to help it?

  12. loganeast says:

    Since holding on tighter helps some, you might just want to try holding on tighter with your left hand (assuming you’re a right handed golfer). This should help the clubhead roll over more at impact bringing it square or even possibly causing a slight draw. Try to practice it first, then take it to the course.

  13. loganeast says:

    There could be any number of reasons. But the usual culprit is that the clubface is either not square at impact or your moving from too far inside on the downswing. This is the condition that would cause the ball to push or slice to the right. This is a problem for 75% or more of amateur golfers. You are not alone. Bobby (the golf pro in the video) tells me often that if it wasn’t for the slice, he’d be out of business. But without seeing your swing, it’s hard to say what’s causing it.

  14. golfrules08 says:

    hi could you have a look at my swing im fourteen years old thanks!!!!!!!!!

  15. xvr6tx says:

    great advice im going the driving range now!!!

  16. 1cleandude says:

    Let me quote Randy from American Idol ” Yo Yo, Bobby, dog you are the bomb!!!”

    Another great!!! tip right on point. You’re concise and to the right on point.

  17. gmonkey808 says:

    Thanks. This guy really knows his stuff. He doesnt actually mean hit 10,000 pitches!! he is just stressing a point. This is just to get timing back… any issues with slice or hooks are sorted in other posts. I found his chipping video fantastic

  18. maddogmoloney72 says:


  19. kermanparts says:

    Its probably not the best idea to hit 10000 balls just with your PW because you can be hitting across the ball creating a slice or draw it won’t show as it would do with a less lofted club.

  20. capotostoangelo says:

    100% correct and useful

  21. Sprinklesofjoy says:

    no its actually ‘understerd’ 🙂 as u demonstrated
    Good video tho i tried a few on the range 2day

  22. archikawa says:

    You’re awesome!!! Thanks for the tips.

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