Pete Styles : The Golf Grip – A Complete Step-By-Step Guide

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Pete Styles shows you the golf grip lesson covering every aspect of a proper grip on the club. Covers left hand and right hand postion, grip pressure, Vardon, interlinking, baseball grip etc. For more tips and an illustrated guide to the golf grip, please visit:
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4 Responses to “Pete Styles : The Golf Grip – A Complete Step-By-Step Guide”
  1. Gwen Blanchard says:

    my hands sort of leave the club at the top of the swing,am i swing to far back to steep or what,i think i have a good grip,also could i be holding the club to loose victor

  2. jcking33 says:

    this helps really! 

  3. pstyles48 says:

    If you follow the instruction in the video while aiming the clubface at your intended target you should benefit from this video. I hope that helps.

  4. tfdoke says:

    Why does nobody show how to take the grip in relation to the club face??? I can take this grip but if the club face is closed or open when I do then it doesn’t help at all. Why not show how to square the club face then take the grip?!

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