Pencil Drawings by JD Hillberry – Realistic Drawing Techniques

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Pencil drawings by JD Hillberry at Please write your comments about my drawings and share this video with everyone you know that is interested in extremely realistic artwork or that likes to draw realistic pencil drawings. Please subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss any of my free drawing tutorials I’m working on. My other pencil drawing links: Realistic Drawing Lessons email sign up: My Drawing Workshops: Step by Step Drawing Tutorial: Drawing Student’s work (before and after): Comments from previous pencil drawing students: Realistic Drawing Technique Book and pencil set: Thanks you so much for your interest in my drawing techniques! JD Hillberry
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25 Responses to “Pencil Drawings by JD Hillberry – Realistic Drawing Techniques”
  1. SimSimya Al-IraQiya says:

    U r a genius !

  2. SimSimya Al-IraQiya says:

    U r a genius !

  3. webDes33 says:

    What kind of sourcery you use to do this?

  4. Marina Serra says:

    your an awesome guy. Thanks for the help!

  5. darosvarao says:

    great drawings but jdhillberry is REALLY selfish.

  6. ipokefan4 says:

    Whenever I see the thumbnail of this video, I immediately think of Mike “Dirnt” Pretchard. The Bassist of Green Day.

  7. icycold3000 says:

    Is there a minimum age limit to attend one of your classes?

  8. SplatterOdst says:

    Sorry mist up are best at drwaing

  9. SplatterOdst says:

    Are you the best of the attest in the world or what because your so so good

  10. hotd70 says:

    lucky caribbeanstreak :-)

  11. Thong Nguyen Huu says:

    Vãi cả lờ vẽ lv thật

  12. CaribbeanStreak says:

    Hey Mr. Hillberry, I just wanted to say that I actually had a chance to meet you in person at an art festival in Wichita, Kansas. I saw all your drawings there, and I was blown away. I ‘m glad I found you back on the internet, because I wanted to learn more about your style and stuff. 🙂

  13. hotd70 says:

    also just wondering can you do a tutorial on drawing realistic tape 🙂

  14. hotd70 says:

    I love you’re art work and you have inspired me to carry on with my art I would really like to go to one of you’re art classes but there all in america or places like that. oh well when I’m older I’ll go and meet you 🙂

  15. Lena TheDinosaur says:

    I really need help with my artwork. Especially hair, noses, and shading.

  16. JD Hillberry says:

    I have had kids as young as 9. There are some photos of a 10 year old’s work on my website in the “Student Drawings” Section.

  17. mic swagger says:

    What’s the youngest person you have had at a workshop. I would love to learn this but I have no idea how to draw a realistic thing

  18. Sandi Putra says:

    This is Astounding!!! I keep Smiling…

  19. honeywood85 says:

    i love your work

  20. avion123punk says:

    I am a very skilled artist
    but this is just alittle to advanced for me

  21. je1942 says:

    Inspiring. Your enthusiasm is contagious. I’m not an artist, just wow’ed by your art.

  22. askodvin says:

    Omg, how cool!!!

  23. WorthyJimbo22 says:

    How long did it take for you to master how much value to add to your drawings and where to properly place it, It’s my main struggling point and it’s like you said, it makes your art “pop out” to the audience and gain their attention. And in my opinion, It’s the most crucial thing about art, your work is the reason I strive to improve every time I pull out my tools.

  24. iBeWired says:

    0:02 AHHHHH It’s hilarious

  25. Jay Mac says:

    Hi, JD! I wandered upon your website while searching the Net for realistic pencil artists and techniques. I can imagine what’s it’s like to give up something you enjoy because I’ve done it. I haven’t nurtured my artistic ability since high school. Life took over. Now that I’m 54, I don’t want to waste anymore time. I am inspired by your work and hope to get into such a workshop in the future. Thanks for sharing your art!

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