Part I: Creating a Shoebox and High Heel Cake

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Subscribe to Pink Cake Box on YouTube and never miss a cake! Part I of cake tutorial describing how to create a high heel for a cake out of gumpaste and modeling chocolate. Video shows how to create the high heel sole, inseam and heel.

Shotzoom Gol fShot GPS Hands on Review Hey Everyone! First off, BIG shout out to Shotzoom Software for allowing me to Review this application. You guys have made such a solid product… I give it a 10 This is an application made by Shotzoom Software. It’s called Golf GPS, this app was featured on Apple’s iPhone Commercial titled, “Avid”. It is aimed for all golf enthusiasts that are looking for a GPS solution for their iPhone. Let me be the first to say, this product works great! All the yardages were spot on, the aerial view was my favorite feature, you can take your score on the convenient score card portion, and there are many other great features to this application. You’ll find this app at the companies website: or in the app store under Golf Shot GPS. **There are a few things I forgot to mention in the video that I need to touch on here** 1. There is NO SUBSCRIPTION, once you buy the app you get access to THOUSANDS of courses 2. Updates are free! 3. Thousands of courses in their database, so just sync your phone and your set. That’s it! *** If you liked the music in this video head over here: *** *** … and you can download RINGTONE 7 for your iPhone. Thanks, and if you have any questions hit me up!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “Part I: Creating a Shoebox and High Heel Cake”
  1. Sky Jepsen says:

    not much cake, mostly icing

  2. jiggyjilli says:

    Using your shoe is just plain nasty

  3. meandmyself364 says:

    For the sole of the shoe, why not use a fresh Dr. Scholl’s shoe insert, then trace it on parchment paper, or wax paper, or whaever? Not trying to be mean, only helpful But, you still did a good job

  4. TesoriPreziosi says:

    PLEASE WRITE ME ALL!!! 🙂 i don’t understand very well english,

    1) so how many time base to air? thanks… and
    2) satin ice gum paste?
    3) what needs to be high?

    thank so much! 🙂

  5. Besties4Life662 says:

    check out our channel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ

  6. ooddles3579 says:

    you are amazing at making cakes

  7. Sabiha Alibhai says:

    Can you do the whole shoes in modeling chocolate or do you have to Use gum paste

  8. Carmel Thomas says:

    I hope She’s not making this for some one cause it seems like the shoe was used?:( But its cool

  9. Leahbarbii69 says:

    I wanna do this for my sis bday thanks

  10. mentoring42 says:

    Thank you so much for this video. It is greatly appreciated. 🙂

  11. fshionestrellita says:

    EwwIs the Shoe used

  12. fshionestrellita says:

    Eww is the shie uosed

  13. no1babylover9 says:

    i know ye well said

  14. Protocall13o2 says:

    when dealing with food, everything is cleaned before, during and afyer cooking. washing your hands are required by law and health. so im sure that shoe was new when they gpt it and cleaned and is used only for the sole purpose of cake designing. and even high end food joints use their hands even taste test which is what i dont want caise id want my food then and there. lol then again, i suggest most of you not drink certain wines. some winery still traditionally used their feet sometimes.

  15. sweeterthencandydeco says:

    have you ever worked with fondant!? Its basically edible clay. To smooth it you must use the natural heat your hands produce to get it smooth and shinny, flexible and mold able. Do you think that the people who make your foods don’t use their hands or something? Not like she didn’t wash her hands before working on this cake.

  16. 123itsIndy says:

    its the same thing

  17. molestermouse says:

    plastic mock up of a shoe?touching hair didnt apeal to me ? lol seriously its a demonstration
    video you clown and who eats gumpaste anyway ?? its edible but not palatable what a douchebag

  18. Amber Taylor says:

    Thanks for sharing. I think its awesome that you did this. Many Cake makers don’t give the secrets to success. I appreciate the time you took to make this.

  19. ktqueen says:

    You know of foods that are not edible?

  20. Ruo Nai says:


  21. echohawk1313 says:

    If you can’t handle the thought of people touching your food then you’d better start growing your own veggies, raising your own livestock, and cooking everything by hand. Good luck with that.

  22. Helen Morrison says:

    oops made..

  23. Helen Morrison says:

    I have mad a shoe with fondant.. just add I teaspoon of tylose or gum tragacanth per 500 gms of fondant.. will set as gum paste

  24. Helen Morrison says:

    As previously stated.. they sterilise their hands… even though you may not see it, I am sure that hands are washed inbetween shots.. I know that I handle icing and always wash during the proceedure.

  25. Visualparaparakei says:

    could you use fondent instead of gumpaste?

  26. ReverseDesignLtd says:

    Many thanks Tim. Great explanation of the app — much easier to understand than Shotzoom’s own video. 🙂 Much appreciated.

  27. Jesus Paras says:

    wonder how well this works on the iphone 5…i received a $300 skycaddie for christmas. I am thinking about exchangin it for a Bushnell v2 and purchase this on my phone to cover all distances. thanks for the vid.

  28. TimsTechBlog says:

    Thanks Mike!

  29. Mike Jenkins says:

    Best explained rangefinder on Youtube!…well done, Bud!

  30. Steven Nadan says:

    Thanks Tim, you gave a me a good idea how to use too 🙂

  31. HobboTube says:

    only problem is that whilst golfshot is legal. Using your phone in a tournament isn’t. You’d need to check whether your local course allows it.

  32. Tyler Page says:

    is there a golf app that doesnt use 3g or internet.

  33. MRGott34 says:

    I bought this APP and it great!!! my friend has a sky caddie and distances are accurate!!!! Best APP out there for golfers!!!
    I use it for 18 holes and still have 3/4 battery left, while listening to music too!!! I just hit the power button when not using it and turn it on for approach shots and only takes a second to kick in.
    Great app also keeps your history of scores and puts in nice pie charts, bar graphs etc.

    BUY IT!!!!

  34. TimsTechBlog says:

    Golfshot. Hands down. Golf scape is a nice addition though.

  35. buckmyfutthole says:

    Which do u prefer, golf shot or golf scape

  36. cactuskid007 says:

    RUBBISH,,get the garmin approach g6 it’s brilliant

  37. TimsTechBlog says:

    You’re welcome. It was a pleasure making the video! The battery lasts, with a 3G/3GS, an entire round, with about 10-20 percent left.  With my 4S it lasts an entire round, with about 50-60 percent battery left. It’s not the app though, it’s how the phone handles GPS, which is a battery hog in itself.

  38. Luke Warmwater says:

    Thanks for the time you took to show us this app!!

    Question: how does the battery last?

  39. Theo Guerry says:

    Nice vidéo and your name on application for add in my friend

    Theo Guerry , France for me

  40. TimsTechBlog says:

    Nice! It truly is the best golf app. Ever.

  41. ThePeebsb says:

    Hi Tim- enjoyed it so much I bought it. Ta

  42. golfpgatourfan says:

    Ok thanks, I bought this app yesterday and going to use it tomorrow!

  43. TimsTechBlog says:

    very accurate. I still use this app EVERY time I go golfing.

  44. golfpgatourfan says:

    How accurate is the app is it very accurate??

  45. Hugo Cardona says:

    Great review, let’s see how the new iPhone battery does

  46. geocachespoilers says:

    nice one

  47. TimsTechBlog says:

    Thanks for the added note. I’ll vote this up, and hopefully others will too, so people can see it!

  48. HoustonSurge28 says:

    I have this for the iPhone 4 and i take my phone fully charged to the course and it only gets down to like 40% or maybe a little more. The 3GS isn’t that great with battery.

    Still worth getting the app no matter what phone you have

  49. Pam Matthews says:

    Great video!! Gonna have to have this app!

  50. 80pongo says:

    i have this and its class. one great feature is that when you play with friends and take their score down, at the end of the round it automatically fires out the scorecards to their email addresses, as long as they have given it to you when they add them as a player. all their info is then stored for next time you play. i can get round without needing back up battery but i turn the brightness down.

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