Mark O’Meara Perfect Grip golf training aid

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Mark O'Meara Perfect Grip golf training aid

The full demonstration and instructional video that comes with the Mark O’Meara Perfect Grip. Purchase yours at
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2010 10 23 Lesson at Etobicoke Golf Town. Relearning the Grip.
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Recomended Book

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Insights From The Masters Of Putting by Dave Stockton and Ben Crenshaw (Tutorial GOLF DVD)
Fearless Golf: Mastering the Mental Game by Dr. Gio Valiante (3 Disk – over 2 hours – Tutorial GOLF DVD Set) Reviews
The U.S. Open: An Unauthorized Guide to the PGA Tournament and its Greatest Champions


2 Responses to “Mark O’Meara Perfect Grip golf training aid”
  1. golftrainingaidscom says:

    Use your glove size as a guide. That corresponds quite well as a guide to what size Perfect Grip you need.

  2. wesleylewisb says:

    how do you determine what size of the grip to buy? small medium or large?

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