How to Play Disc Golf : How to Grip the Disc for a Backhand Throw

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Learn how to grip the disc for a backhand throw in this free video lesson on disc golf. Expert: CR Willey Contact: Bio: CR Willey has been working for himself for the past 14 years doing lawns and landscape and pressure washing homes, boats, driveways, walkways, you name it. Filmmaker: Bob Hunt

In this episode we will show you how to dye your disc using the images we made in Part 1 and Part 2.
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  26. nhmendoza530 says:

    I was wondering how you guys got your discs like that when playing with you guys. Good video! I’m scarred for life though, thanks Ken. -Nick

  27. DiscGolfMonkeys says:

    Did you use liquid or powder Rit? I’ve successfully used Dylon brand from Walmart if you can’t get Rit powder to work. I bought my last boxes of Rit maybe a year ago and it works fine… Jesse

  28. BrettistoMagnifico says:

    Hey, wanted to say great instructional also. The vector program made for a cool design. However, I noticed you said you use Rit Dye, which I tried last night on a used Star disc. I was using the used disc as a test disk, before I use a Pro disc that I just bought (and also found you recommend against). I’ve heard that the Rit Dye in stores right now doesn’t work, and that seemed to be the case with my attempt using Scarlet Red on my used Star Wraith. Do you have an alternate dye brand?

  29. DiscGolfMonkeys says:

    Thanks for the comment and question.  Not sure what Ken does, but typically, I just lay the disc back in the dye bath without wiping it off. – Jesse

  30. John Hodgkins says:

    Amazing video guys. When you pull your disc out at the mid point to eliminate bubbles do you do a quick wipe off of the dye to get it darker or just lay it right back in the dye?

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