Hit the Driver straight and far

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www.golfcentralstation.com In this video Tim Johnson PGA Professional shows you how to maximize your distance and odds of hitting the fairway. In this video Tim will talk about the importance of the grip, being aggressive with your golf swing, and the importance of your set up while addressing the golf ball on the tee. Tim Johnson is a Certified PGA teaching Professional in Long Beach, CA to see more tips from Tim or to book a golf lesson visit his station on Golf Central Station www.golfcentralstation.com
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25 Responses to “Hit the Driver straight and far”
  1. juakaliify says:

    Where is the weight shift?
    At the end of the backswing you got most of the weight on your right foot.

  2. 33115566 says:

    Seems like pretty good advice – set up to it with some smarts, keep the back at the target for a sec, care about commitment more than keeping away from hazards, and let it rip.

  3. lightlyone says:

    Did that go down the middle? I thot I heard it hit a car. Ha, ha! Not too bad as long as you’re not playing for skins. Good advice on the leading thumb. The rest of it seems to work for him, but we have to remember we’re all mechanically just a little bit different and have to learn what works for us individually. And… be careful out there.

  4. slayersieg89 says:

    from his swing speed he probably only hit it about 150 yrds.

  5. anasamati says:

    Advice: Do the opposite of what he said

  6. sergeantRC says:

    wtf did I just watch? so pretty much the first thing I need to do when I want to hit my driver is pull it out of my bag… right?

  7. jesseray6537 says:

    nice shoes!

  8. oweneoin says:

    I explained it poorly, basically what I have said numerous times is using the legs to drive off them for power is crucial for distance and he does not push off his legs!!

  9. Roy Gilley says:

    You shouldn’t have criticized him for having his foot on the ground at impact. Some good hitters do and some don’t.

    The best telltale sign: where did the ball go. The guy in this video says he ripped it right down the middle. It sure sounded like a good hit. Maybe he’s lying.

  10. oweneoin says:

    The foot is ONE telltale sign not the ONLY one, look at Luke Donald’s swing on Konica, he drives off the right leg, his right foot is clearly raised at impact. Keny pery has a slightly flat right foot at impact but clearly drives off his legs as he squats with his legs on the downswing then slightly straightens his legs and powers through the swing, you do neither, not that this is essential but you are talking about distance driving

  11. Roy Gilley says:

    If the right foot is a telltale sign, shouldn’t it tell the same tale for Kenny as it does Tim? His right foot is on the ground at impact, just like Tim here. Scott Verplank, too.

  12. oweneoin says:

    @silowhore that is true but he does regain the spine angle in the downswing, however it is not desirable to change spine angle in the backswing

  13. oweneoin says:

    Keny Perry drives off his right leg with incredible force which is a fundamental for long driving, the foot is just a telltale but not the fundamental. See how he squats down slightly with his legs then straightens them, this is how keny is applying the power and driving off the right, tiger woods also aplies power off the right leg this way. you dont push off the right leg/foot in any way

  14. JoScoNathan says:

    I just started and I know this is whack already. I will never do why he says, never.

  15. Roy Gilley says:

    Check Kenny Perry’s right foot at impact. Go ahead. I’ll wait. May I suggest searching “Kenny Perry golf swing” on you tube. If you select the video by golfswings1, you’ll see his right foot is down at impact. Can’t be a fundamental then, can it?

  16. oweneoin says:

    how is this getting so many likes, be aggressive with the driver???? hes talking about hitting it far, one of the main fundamentals in the golf swing for power is the legs, look at his right foot at impact, 2:48 its flat on the ground meaning he has not even driven any force off that leg into the swing which will kill your drive

  17. Heath Triffett says:

    LOL you tilt away from the target in setup, then the first thing you do on the way back is stand up slightly and tilt your head and spine back to straight again

  18. Robert Dore says:

    You make a very sound point; well said my friend.
    What people see, feel and execute are often three very different motions.

  19. Robert Dore says:

    Golf on Welfare???
    What next???

  20. bob geldof says:


  21. Eric Cartman says:

    340 my ass , 340 is Dustin Johnson jumping out of his skin to get that distance , where were you hitting your driver , down a runway ? lol 340

  22. britishno6 says:

    im talking about the guy in the video, his back isnt facing the target in his demonstration swing its only a slight shoulder turn

  23. LionAndALamb says:

    Most of the people who don’t understand the video probably aren’t aware that they are hip swaying rather than rotating. Plant the back leg and make the hip rotate around it rather than drift backwards and this video starts to make perfect sense.

  24. AleksiLPhoto says:

    Please show me one player on the PGA tour or any other professional tour that doesn’t have their back facing the target at the top of their backswing.

  25. HULKEN1UP says:

    Spot on! This video is worthless. For lowhandicappers he is just stating the obvious and to tell slicing amateurs to be agressive with anything longer than say a 7 iron is just a joke.

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