Hints for the Hidden Annotation

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Hints for the Hidden Annotation

Big John gives some hints about where you may be able to find the Hidden Annotation GoHamDiscGolf Custom Discs – tinyurl.com Subscribe – tinyurl.com email – ghdiscgolf@gmail.com Facebook – tinyurl.com Twitter – tinyurl.com Disc Jock – www.teamdiscjock.com Forums – gohamdiscgolf.proboards.com
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12 Responses to “Hints for the Hidden Annotation”
  1. stlkjs5 says:

    Where are you standing?

  2. Mark Kahmann says:

    please don’t do another one

  3. tjoshbennett1 says:

    Once I saw your profile on the forums that said there was a hidden annotation, I searched like a mad man. EVERY single video. Sadly, I didn’t find it.

  4. BigWigDown says:

    Congrats whoever found it, spent a lot of time looking, but enjoyed checking out the old videos even if I didn’t win!

  5. TheJtetuan23 says:

    Went thru them all… Still no clue!!

  6. TheJtetuan23 says:

    Went thru them all. Still no clue!!

  7. matt homan says:

    keep it going just more hints lol

  8. dodge70chargerrt says:

    I say no to doing another wild goose chase. I spend hours going through all your videos just to have someone find it because they saw this video before I did. Its frustrating thinking that I have to spend this time to try and enter a contest when leaving a comment for the lottery is more satisfying.

  9. dodge70chargerrt says:

    I would say dont do it again. I wasted so much time trying to find it to have someone win because they saw this video 1st…. bunch of bull.

  10. swishablowa420 says:

    Bro…Mad props on bringin back the O.G. intro! Gotta be the greatest intro in disc golf youtube history. For what its worth. Ha! Real talk tho.

  11. SassyAssSocks says:

    Found already? That was super fast. Just curious, where was it at? I spent a total of over four hours searching and came up with nothing. But you should definitely do it again!

  12. kolrone says:

    I’m on it!

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