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Visit www.bellbay.caBell Bay Golf Club’s Golf Academy in Baddeck, Cape Breton Island, Award winning Canadian PGA Professional Ted Stonehouse, teaching Swing fundamentals. Bell Bay Golf Club is one of Canada’s finest golf courses open to the public for daily green fee play, Bell Bay Golf Academy open to public for golf schools and private lessons. For more information please visit us at

Recomended Book

Rick Smith Swing Tips For Lower Scores-How To Build Consistency in Your Golf Swing (Tutorial GOLF DVD)
Keep it Simple & Smooth by The Caponi Sisters; Donna & Janet (Tutorial Golf DVD for Men & Women)
BOBBY JONES How I Play Golf (Over 3 hours – 3-disc Tutorial Golf DVD/Video Set)
A Swing You Can Trust by Roberto Borgatti (over 2 Hour Tutorial GOLF DVD)


10 Responses to “Golf Tips – Hitting Driver – Bell Bay Golf Academy – Golf Lessons”
  1. TXRANGER6 says:

    Hes the pro at my golf course now haha, still wears the same baggy as shit pants.

  2. thegmact1 says:

    Too much technical talk and not enough actual hitting the ball. Almost a 5 min. video and 80% of it is baggy pants talking

  3. ExcelBaller says:

    mc hammer back up dancer pants

  4. fhsdawgs377 says:

    he said hold your finish, he never got pissed at him

  5. bruizer1100 says:

    are those mc hammer pants.

  6. BWALKification says:

    Think his pants could be any baggier? lol

  7. somdogg says:

    i like how he gets pissed at the kid.. “hold your finish!” goddamn kids lol

  8. tomsmith100 says:

    Hit the ball. 

  9. CESAR5FIVE says:

    Good vid! Not overdone, simple!! Thanks for posting

  10. AaronWyatt100 says:

    great video, really enjoyed watching

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