Golf Tips: Chipping it in

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Hopkinton CC golf pro Dave Lane explains proper chipping technique

Learn free golf chipping tips for women and beginners in this free instructional video series on swing, pitching, chipping, and golf. Expert: Jay Golden Bio: Jay Golden has been a PGA Member since 1982 and was selected for the PGA National Teaching Committee in 1988. Filmmaker: Suzie Vigoin
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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4 Responses to “Golf Tips: Chipping it in”
  1. HabloIrlandes says:

    One little tip I would add to this, once you have the technique of making a clean strike on the ball… Pick where you want to land it on the green and really focus on hitting that spot, If you have judged it well you will have good speed (most important factor) and good line. If hitting a 8i bump n’ run chip on a flat surface it will fly ~one third and roll ~ two thirds.

  2. tonyreed11 says:

    he wasnt even close

  3. sooner282002 says:

    how can you tell when the ball is half way to the hole if you cant look up

  4. freebrook says:

    Golf for beginners does not equal golf for women.

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