Golf Swing Problems & Solutions : Golf Slice Tips

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A slice in golf is when the ball unintentionally curves away from your body in the air. Learn why this happens and how to prevent it from a golf expert in this free video clip. Expert: Hill Marks Bio: Coach Hill has been teaching tennis, squash, racquetball and golf professionally for about ten years. Filmmaker: Dustin Daniels
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9 Responses to “Golf Swing Problems & Solutions : Golf Slice Tips”
  1. vlogerrhea says:

    where did this guy get his instructor’s certificate?…….. EBAY?

  2. sour191 says:

    you don’t know golf that well,why posted this how silly swing you are.

  3. WallyMcWalsen says:

    due to frustration my clubface has become totally closed, a regular person would hit a duck hook, but mine still slices terribly. My wrists don’t break, My hips come through with my swing, I’ve learned to cope with it and shoot in the 80s- 90s, but it just pisses me off. I have no cure.

  4. fpsman14 says:

    he shoots like he has something up his ass. haha


  5. bradlez996 says:

    Just get drunk, then play golf. Once you’re drunk you wont care if you slice or hook the ball, as long as you manage to hit it in the first place.

  6. JWilko75 says:

    People usually have one or two of many slice causing actions. He’s only showing one of the many problems that cause slicing and giving an exercise to do to see if it helps. Give this guy a break.

  7. smoothswinging14 says:

    nice swing!  not

  8. tmazz85 says:

    He topped the shit out of that ball. Fucking hacker

  9. gildea303 says:

    ummm i slice with my driver and i dont take the club that far wide. i dont think many people who slice do that too

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