Golf Swing Mechanics : How to Stack & Tilt in Golf

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In golf, the stack and tilt involves keeping the spin and head centered over the golf ball at all times so that the club constantly comes back to the ball. F…
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21 Responses to “Golf Swing Mechanics : How to Stack & Tilt in Golf”
  1. John Rambo says:

    this is what you get when you take lessons at a muni course.

  2. Rob Roth says:

    wow this guy doesn’t know shit

  3. Jonathan mcgrew says:

    your arm should never break until the club is almost parallel with the ground.
    keep your arm straight!! and that whole ametuer teach ametuers to play like ametuers thing i tell you what, i could teach better then this guy and i am only 16. he bought his way to being pro!

  4. rcmullen3 says:

    Look at his arm position at 45 seconds… HAHA… who would take lessons from this bozo?

  5. adrian brennan says:

    what a load of xxxx……….

  6. MVillarrealFortWorth says:


  7. sonicdeviant says:

    @MiniBlueDragon has it right. S&T was used in the title to drive up the view count.

  8. tgbryce says:

    this guy has a terrible swing

  9. asleeptube says:

    People who can … do.

    People who can’t, post misinformed videos on YT.

  10. Gyro911 says:

    He’s missing alot of key points like the straight left arm, the slide of the hips on the down swing, the club head grip position. Oh and his knees are position wrong too.

  11. strataone says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha nice!

  12. jeffeosso says:

    and remember, pros tech amatures to pay like amatures, as tour pros require results …

  13. MiniBlueDragon says:

    “tilting the spine so that you stay centered over the ball at all times” directly followed by “most golfers are gonna end up with a reverse-pivot” – Exactly how would you reverse-pivot if you were keeping centered over the ball?

    This video is less than 60 seconds of information that’s freely available on the web and undoubtedly ‘Stack & Tilt’ has been used here as a subject for this video PURELY to get people to watch it and get targeted with your club advertising.


  14. continentalkid says:

    This guy is a joke! I’ve watched the videos presented by Nick Clearwater and have improved my ball striking. No reverse tilt as warned by this never heard of nobody.

    Stack and Tilt is not for everyone, and you may out grow it as your ability progresses. At least that is what I’ve heard about Peter Finch. For now, Stack and Tilt is helping me improve my game.

    Last year I was struggling to shoot under 100. This year, I am shooting in the low 90’s with an occasional mid to high 80.

  15. ChrisPerkinsFamily says:

    he is right, I just had my first stack and tilt lesson and could not believe how much I was not doing. There is a lot more to this swing than just keeping your weight on the left side. Best lesson I ever had. You really need a pro that knows the swing to help you identify the things you are not doing, or that you are doing wrong.

  16. ddahlquist says:

    Go to the yellowbook look up PP#1 this may help you get your arms extended on the backswing.

  17. J. William Smith says:

    I suspect that this guy has realized that as stack and tilt catches on, he’ll be out of a job. PS just bought SnT two days ago and just shot one of my best rounds ever.

  18. Steve Sieracki says:

    glad you are doing well!!!!

  19. bens grandad says:

    well johnny i think your advise about amateurs teaching amateurs is pretty arogant -golf pros teach amateurs to come back next week with thier wallets and how come with the improvement in equipment and technology (slo mo computers etc )the average handicap of the “amateur”has not gone down in the last 30 years-i paid a lot of money to a pro to try and cure a slice (failed)it took an amateur to point out i was rolling my wrists over on my backswing -so your lot are not gods gift to golf mate!!!!!

  20. blusky121 says:

    I watched the Stack and Tilt videos, practiced the method at home, then went out and had my best game ever! My confidence right now is off the scale – no more slices or hooks! Straight down the fairway, baby! My buddies are all trying to figure out my transformation. Awesome!

  21. nclearwater says:

    It was going ok until the last 20 seconds! Oh well…

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