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Visit to learn more about training for a career in golf. Dr. Sarah Castillo, the Director of the Sports Psychology Program at National University, explains how to think effectively while on the golf course. To discuss this golf tip with other golfers and share your own leave a comment below. We look forward to your feedback. ******************************************************** ******************************************************** Hi I’m Dr. Sarah Castillo and I’m the Director of the Sports Psychology Program at National University. I’d like to spend just a few seconds talking about the importance of effective thinking. There’s been a lot said about how important it is to think positively and to speak positively to your self. The truth is it doesn’t really matter whether your talk positive or negative. Both can lead to great performances. The key is whether your thinking is effective. Effective thinking makes you want to continue, it makes you want to stay on the course even when things are getting hard, even under adverse conditions. Effective thinking is going to help you maintain control over your strategy. It’s going to help you consider some reasonable alternative and it’s going to help you to trust your game. It’s time for you to take a little bit and do some honest self assessment. Really, you might benefit from positive thoughts, or negative thoughts, but you need to be honest about it. Consider what you think when you’re playing a great game, when
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Dr. Gregg Steinberg is a frequent guest on the golf channel. You can reach him at 931-206-1328. He is the bestselling author of Mentalrules for golf. See videos of his sales presentation, leadership, and motivational keynotes at or become a fan on facebook at and follow me on twitter: theheadcoach1
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