Golf Instruction – Driver setup and stance

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Casey Bourque demonstrates concepts dealing with driver setup, impact and typical tendencies beginners and intermediate players have.
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25 Responses to “Golf Instruction – Driver setup and stance”
  1. Casey Bourque says:

    More for Peter…there is a fundamental learning concept at play here. Whenever we make a change in a golf swing or setup, all of the compensations that you are used to making with your “old” method still remain. I suggest committing to what is correct for a long enough period of time for those compensations to fade away. This takes some fortitude and persistence because normally, with real change, results are not going to be better in the very short term, but it’ll come around!

  2. Casey Bourque says:

    For Peter, who asked about the setup and whether the clubface is now closed with my recommendations: If we set up with a neutral grip and square clubface with the ball in the middle of our stance, moving the ball forward does not change the relationship between your hands and club face, although it may “appear” closed to you. When you swing the club, turning your body/shifting your weight, the clubface should come back square, but striking ball “later” in your swing arc.

  3. Casey Bourque says:

    My pleasure…happy to help if there’s any other questions you have

  4. Jay Severson says:

    i couldnt figure out why my shoulders were always open at setup for the’ve answered it! thanks!

  5. Casey Bourque says:

    While keeping your weight back would solve the “ascending blow” issue, this is not an ideal athletic motion, particularly when we are looking to produce some power. In any other sport, we’re shifting targetward, i.e. throwing a baseball, football, slap shot in hockey, etc. This would be the equivalent of a fall-away jump shot in basketball. I’d rather set up with ball forward, accommodating a natural weight transfer while also striking the ball with a slight ascending blow. Hope this helps!

  6. Kaveesh5 says:

    what about keeping 60-70% of weight on the back foot to give the ascending blow?

  7. Casey Bourque says:

    Thanks for the comments madlife5 and KorkEmeriss…glad to help!

  8. madlife5 says:

    Awesome advice man, this has answered so many questions for me. I’ve already put this to use with amazing results. Now I can use my driver again. No more long irons off the tee for me. Thanks a million!

  9. KorkEmeriss says:

    Tried these tips at the ranch today, and the results was great.
    I almost instantly lost all my slice and i got a greater distance!


  10. peter11612 says:

    omg ahahahahahahaha soo funnnyy

  11. Casey Bourque says:

    Unplugged704: I’d probably have to see you swing to understand fully what you are asking. The “dipping right shoulder” is somewhat of a cliche in golf and may not be the root cause of your problem, but perhaps the result of some other issue. If you look at my setup in this video, my right shoulder sits just a fraction lower than my left. This is because my right hand is placed a bit further down on the handle of the club than my left. This tilts my spine very slightly away from the target.

  12. Unplugged704 says:

    Great video..At setup I do all of what you’re saying correctly.. However once I start my swing.. I have a tendency to dip my right shoulder..which doesn’t help bc on top of that I also slice.. Slice I understand and know how to correct.. but how can I eliminate the dipping of my shoulder?

  13. TheStrainers says:


  14. gregsandiego says:

    Well done video. Not too long, no unnecessary dialogue, good camera angle, and good clear explanation.

  15. rushinize says:

    Great video I was told to tilt my spine when using the driver is this right? cause I just can’t hit the ball sweet with this method. I am only a beginner an my iron play is pretty good, but its my driving that really lets me down. Even started resorting to teeing off with the hybrid cause the shaft is around the same length as an iron, it works but I’d like to hit the ball further off the tee, can anyone help?

  16. alexarrows12 says:

    guy riding a bike hahaha 2:10

  17. M1ZLOGIK303 says:

    Cant wait to try this…

  18. manonfire756 says:

    thanks for helping me ID my open shoulders, really helped!

  19. fortke66 says:

    great video! going to the range today and trying to fix my swing!

  20. xerxes9408 says:

    That clarified a LOT of things for me, thank you

  21. TDawgHorns says:

    perfect. thanks for the vid

  22. darinfarmer77 says:

    that was a great video, thanks

  23. axelf197 says:

    Great vid…explained simply…

  24. trbarret says:

    great explanation as to the mechanics of the swing to hit driver. i have struggles with the driver. Great video!

  25. jcking33 says:

    thanks for your video… it really helps me to learn new things again.. 🙂

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