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Brady Riggs explains that the transition of the golf swing is critical for creating power. Just like cracking a whip. For more tips and free swing analysis software go to
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25 Responses to “Golf Instruction – Drill for creating power”
  1. AmericansForGuns0com says:

    Definitely agree.
    Every change Ive made seemed weird at first, but keeping at it makes a lot of difference. Every change has bought improvement after a few buckets on the range.

  2. AmericansForGuns0com says:

    Great video.
    Ive been trying to get my legs integrated into my swing (new player) and this makes it pretty simple.
    I can literally feel the club moving fast and ‘snapping’ like a whip.
    I wondered how those little women could hit harder than I have been hitting.

  3. Bellori78 says:

    Yes that was why I stopped doing this. I felt I couldnt finish my backswing when I did this move.

  4. teygrxx says:

    This can definately create more power but I think it will lead to more problems for the average golfer.

  5. MikePedersenGolfTips says:

    I’ve always focused on what I thought was completing my backswing, then coming down. I like your description of the downswing. I’m going to give it a try.

  6. jcbak says:

    You have to be careful not to lunge forward of the ball…’ll get some monster push slices…..

  7. maxxsee says:


  8. ejoe350 says:

    Very clear instruction for a complicated sequence of movement – Thank you !!!

  9. Frazer20 says:

    BenHogan was a master of the technique shown in this video,look at any videos of his swing on here and you will see a direct correlation between what this guy is preaching and what hogan consistently practiced. Hogans swing was notorious for becoming flat through the transition of the backswing to downswing, and he ‘hung on’ to his shaft/forearm angle for as long as physical possible. anyone watching this should really look at a few hogan videos as he shows this technique explicitly in is swing

  10. lec666 says:

    the key to this is the very flat down swing plane you see him make. it lowers the launch angle and allows the club face to release extremely fast.. most importantly the flat swing plane allows for a greater margin of error because you’ve changed the geometry of the club face at impact. at impact the club face is now “toe up” and the ball flight is more rainbow like vs going straight out 150yds and then lifting. the energy is now transferred from the sides of the club head instead of the bottom.

  11. colli2372 says:

    As they say don’t knock it til you have tried it!
    I hit 60-90 balls a day 5 days a week and I tried this and got a slightly lower traj, a little more distance with a good solid strike. However at first it did feel like I was not completing the backswing and it felt inconsistent but if you stick with it as with all changes in golf swings it soons feel normal, I am staying with it, clearly there are lots of other factors that make a good swing but this is good for better players

  12. tumcubus says:

    thank you for the tip I’ll go try it out!!!

  13. timetogo888 says:

    not a good drill for a novice,too much body,not swingin the golf club

  14. figslee says:

    If you look at any SwingVision of a professional’s swing, you will see that every one of them do this. It’s harder to see on a full speed swing, because it happens so fast. He’s not saying to move the club 4-5 inches farther back after you start your hip turn, he’s saying that just before you finish your backswing, start your hip turn. Club lag = Swing speed, pure and simple. Gotta have stronger wrists/forearms for it though.. so make sure you spend time in the gym

  15. iheartmetal17 says:

    Top 100 teacher in US, Ryder Cup Team Player Anthony Kim’s swing coach charges 150 per hour, and people pay it willingly, yeah you’re right he has no idea what he’s talking about.

  16. MikePedersenGolfTips says:

    I’ve heard of starting the legs before you get to the top. I’ve never done it, but will try it tomorrow. Makes a lot of sense. Thanks.

  17. jaymaynk says:

    I think you’re actually trying to teach someone two different planes. It appears that you want a plane on the downswing which is flatter than the takeaway. Difficult to repeat.

  18. karmak1d says:

    Isn’t this called loading the shaft?

  19. FairwayJack says:

    He is talking about a fundemental element of the golf swing known as the “cock down”. He knows what he is talking about.

  20. jordan peck says:


  21. moo690 says:

    wow….complete ignorance.

  22. smartestmanalive101 says:

    this guy has no Idea what he is talking about. he is teaching a horrible mistake. that will never work

  23. ynot1688 says:

    RE Swinger or Hitter’s Swing: Whether for irons or driver, it is always the best to stick to one type. Shouldn’t get them mixed up, otherwise it will create inconsistancy in the swing.

  24. juicyfruitzy says:

    ynot1688: is it possible to be in between?
    With my irons, I think I’m a swinger. With my driver, a hitter. I will do more research on what you mentioned. Thanks for clarifying.

  25. ynot1688 says:

    I am referring to 2 different styles of swinging the golf club. And it should not be specifically categorized to any certain group of golfers. It’s simply just the style of one’s golf swing. There are both “swingers” and “hitters” on tour. A common example of a swinger would be Ernie Els and a hitter would be John Daly. Please search the internet, there are actually some good info that you can find out about these 2 types swings. Perhaps it’ll also help you find out which type of golfer you are.

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