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Great drill to get your chip shots close to the hole every time. Bill Monical will be giving Free Golf lessons,free golf instruction and free golf recommendations to help you with your golf game.He has been teaching golf for 15 years.If you are interested in Free Golf Instructions,Free golf recommendations and free golf lessons come back again.For more information contact Bill at

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9 Responses to “Golf Drills Free Golf Lesson Chipping Drill at Barona Golf Course The Golf Matt”
  1. Calvin Kim says:

    0:25 -0:30 did that really happen

  2. chargers2179 says:

    The user “den rick” stole this video

  3. leolebron23 says:

    “k, chunked it…” 😀
    funny chipping technique…

  4. desertgolf says:

    good tip and very realistic

  5. Tubbymucker says:

    Leeswagrob will go a long way in his golf career in my opinion

  6. oldys4ever says:

    thats not how you test a green your hit can be a chunk or you have to hit it to har the best way to test you green is by putting several times from varying distances

  7. leeswagrob says:

    my name will never be tiger woods or anyone else 4 that matter. but an ok drill. a better way to do this is to land ur ball about halfway between u and the hole, if it rolls to far (past the hole) then the greens are considered fast. so lnd the ball maybe 1/4 between u and the hole and 3/4 if the greens are slow.

  8. EddieGarrison32 says:

    Very good tips for someone like myself that struggles every round with this issue. Will be going to practice this today. Thanks again for the tip.

  9. ReadyShootAim says:

    You make golf seem so easy. I’ll give it a try.

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