Girl Power in Golf; #1 Most Popular Golf Teacher on You Tube Shawn Clement

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Filed under Golf Tutorial Shawn Clement, Director of the Richmond Hill Golf Learning Centre, and one of Canada’s Top PGA Class A Teachers, shows you how much difference a year makes when you have fun playing golf and take a few lessons;
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25 Responses to “Girl Power in Golf; #1 Most Popular Golf Teacher on You Tube Shawn Clement”
  1. PARSEEKER13 says:

    Ive heard youmention “toe the feet” before. what is that exactly? thanks

  2. clemshaw says:

    Of course she was taking the club back too far to the inside; that is a given; but you can also see she rights the ship towards the top of the backswing; she is and has been working on the takeaway you see in the “takeaway waggle update” video as well as the “feel your swing plane” and “feel the braced tilt” videos; it is a process! 🙂 Shawn

  3. mrgnakagawahis says:

    Hey Shawn..I’m a member at your site and subscriber of you vids. First time I’ve seen this video though…..At the :25-:27 mark (the slow motion shots DTL shots at the range), would you say that Savanah’s backswing is a little flatter than you prescribe in your videos? I only ask this because I’m struggling GREATLY with pushes and blocks recently. Conventional wisdom says that I’m coming too far from the inside right? Or am I crashing? I never understand how swings like hers work…THANKS!

  4. clemshaw says:

    Exactly!! 🙂 That is how you teach girls to pound the ball! Shawn

  5. naflack says:

    its bubba watson’s swing on a girl :)

  6. Pete Picciolo says:

    Wow, that’s amazing; the fact that she’s naturally right handed! I just can’t imagine being able to swing from the left side like Phil, Savanah, and you. Are you right handed Shawn? My son-in-law swings equally well from both sides. He started playing from the left when he was playing baseball in high school because he thought a right handed golf swing would mess up his baseball swing. I know you’ve said that you just “go deeper into the rabbit hole” to accomplish this, but it’s still amazing.

  7. clemshaw says:

    Thank you very much! She is right handed and plays golf to her backhand, like Phil, Sergio, and many on the tour. She is a soccer player though first but she could easily fall back on golf…:) She now has a skill for life in golf though!

  8. Pete Picciolo says:

    What a great swing! I can see your influence, Shawn, obviously, but it is her own swing. I noticed that, like you, she gets her hands pretty high in the back swing and the follow through. Is she naturally left handed? Hope you don’t mind me adding she is a very cute young lady; I see a lot of “star potential” down the road on the LPGA! Keep us up to date on her progress.

  9. David Schultz says:

    suuuuper strong grip. very nice natural athletic turn. nice work maestro! must be the gene pool.

  10. senorchipotle says:

    very sam snead-esque.

  11. neonsunsets says:

    Wow she has a really nice swing!!! I’m a young high school girl golfer myself, and wow that is amazing 95 to 78!!! That’s inspirational. 🙂

  12. CosmicSPC says:


  13. auroralans says:

    One of your most inspiring videos! Two unrelated questions: (1) Is her great extension on the follow through because of “levitation” and “width” of the arms swinging? (2) I have a 6 year old and 4 year old at home – what age do you recommend starting golf? Thanks again! p.s. have you ever thought of putting a compilation of “WIG” students together – i.e. “Slicefixer students” on Youtube?

  14. syllybaby says:

    thumbs up if u kept watching cus shes kinda pretty

  15. CosmicSPC says:

    I wanna swing like this babe! 

  16. Scar664 says:

    Hey Shawn, great to see another left hander getting on well with your teachings. I have learnt more about the game of golf from your videos and comments than any pro so thanks!! The young lady has lots of extension and great rhythm. Just wanted to ask two things 1) How much “opening the toes “is needed as wouldn’t too much cause an open impact? 2) I am keeping the right arm extended throughout the swing but long irons go just a little further than my 6 iron no matter what I do, any suggestions?

  17. mistermischief1234 says:

    Power to the Lefties!!! Literally 😀

  18. MaJo DiuLi says:

    she is pretty~

  19. clemshaw says:

    Yes, I am trying to get her to open the feet about 15 degrees on both sides and not have them toe inward; she is very flexible right now and does not realize the importance of this and I try to remind her for later…:) It helps open the hips for a better turn in the backswing and for clearing into a better finish; lateral and forward to back balance is enhanced as well; Thanks for the great comment! Shawn

  20. burton54ify says:

    Hi Shawn. What a great swing! You are to be commended. Personally I’ve made fantastic progress since watching your videos and for that I thank you, it’s certainly made the game more enjoyable for me.
    Shawn, I’m curious, at around the 2:24 mark in the above video with Savanna, you instruct her to “Toe” the feet–(did I hear that right?) Would you care to explain the significance of that particular prompt? I’m not sure on the meaning of it.
    Thanks again Shawn.

  21. David Schultz says:

    beautiful rhythm. looks effortless, like an ernie els or michelle wie swing. great work!

  22. holdup1time says:

    Sighhhhhhhhh, you lefties, always making it look so easy, great swing and rhythm, yes i am jealous 🙂

  23. clemshaw says:

    Yes! He did pretty well I recall! :) Shawn

  24. henrytfp says:

    looks like Bobby Jones’ backswing

  25. clemshaw says:

    I have the perfect video for this question!!
    “Golf Pro lesson how to focus” part 1 and 2; Shawn

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