EyeLine Golf: Lifeline Training Grip developed by Michael Breed

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EyeLine Golf: Lifeline Training Grip developed by Michael Breed

Visit www.eyelinegolf.com for details

Get Mark’s iPhone App itunes.apple.com Like Mark Crossfield on Facebook www.facebook.com Follow Mark/4golfonline on twitter twitter.com www.4golfonlie.com Golf Grip and Swing Lesson with Mark Crossfield. See how your golf grip can affect how you control the club face and then the effects that has on your club path and ball striking. This is another golf swing sent to Mark through the iPhone app GOLF. If your golf grip is not correct then your driving and your iron play will be affected. As a fundamental of the game the grip can have a long lasting impact on your shots.
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13 Responses to “EyeLine Golf: Lifeline Training Grip developed by Michael Breed”
  1. mike02044 says:

    Hi Mark, what sort of pressure should you be applying when using this grip?

  2. Heath Triffett says:

    a fellow called jack nicklaus teaches the grip more in the palm of the left hand so im guessing it’s not all bad if you wanna go that way

  3. jwwwww89 says:

    hi mark

    does forward shaft lean (at address) affect how strong or weak the grip is?

  4. 4golfonline says:

    thats great and thanks for the feedback.

  5. 4golfonline says:

    top hand thumb down the right of centre on the golf grip, right hand thumb points down at your  left shoe, just of the left of the golf grip.

  6. 4golfonline says:

    often the strong left will take over

  7. MrJhill76 says:

    Mark what happens to the club face if you have a strong left hand grip and neutral or week right hand grip. I know you suppose to match your hands up.

  8. dougiepoolable says:

    What should i do with my thumbs, i never seem to get them right

  9. Cornwall1888 says:

    You should analyse your own swing for us. Is there anything you need to work on?

  10. GolfalotTV says:

    Thanks Mark.

    That move at the ball is something I am certainly aware of. Either results in high-right or a big draw. Will work on the grip and keep you updated on any progress.

    All the best with the app, keep up the good work.

  11. narbogie says:

    Mark, your instructional videos are superb. Keep up the good work. I shot my best round ever yesterday

  12. 4golfonline says:

    thanks for the comments, struggling with the sound but am working on it.

  13. phuketdoidoi says:

    Love your lessons but please fix the sound. When you get close to your mic the loud cracking noise has been a problem for some time now. Anyway, thanks for everything.

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