Extra Footage (2/1/2013)

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Extra Footage (2/1/2013)

Some extra footage not used in regular videos. GoHamDiscGolf Custom Discs – tinyurl.com Subscribe – tinyurl.com email – ghdiscgolf@gmail.com Facebook – tinyurl.com Twitter – tinyurl.com Disc Jock – www.teamdiscjock.com Forums – gohamdiscgolf.proboards.com
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Chuck and Tim are back with more disc dyeing instructions. Some of it we covered before, but there’s some helpful new stuff here too, particularly the cutting of the image
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29 Responses to “Extra Footage (2/1/2013)”
  1. copterstyle says:

    Springtime can’t come soon enough….4 days ago here in the mid-west it was in the low 70’s. This morning I woke up to 5 degrees….what a tease.

  2. 5QU166Y says:

    I’m glad I get to play in the south.

  3. embbu2 says:

    In finland we have river with only ice and ground with like half a meter of snow

  4. cobaltssturbo24 says:

    firsties :)

  5. James Weidman Jr says:

    rit changed the formula awhile ago so that might be the problem…

  6. Josh Hatcher says:

    and a ruler in the fridge

  7. sarah leeds says:

    I can’t seem to get scarlet or fuchsia to set into my discs, any suggestions? I’ve been using rit powder, on cryztal and z-line discs with almost no success.

  8. Infec7x says:

    Are you guys printers?

  9. jared mapes says:

    i heard you say stuff about living in puget sound area? if you do if i gave one of mine and some cash could die the handicap simble on it ?

  10. Matt Palmer says:

    And your ruler inside your fridge.

  11. Matt Palmer says:

    You keep you tape inside your oven, haha

  12. KevinGuitarLessons says:

    Beastie Boys instrumental in the background…yeah… 🙂

  13. RimShotDrumStudios says:

    iPad with flashlight app and plastic cutting board also works as light table.

  14. Bryson Williams says:

    this seems way more confusing than it has to be..

  15. dzld9 says:

    Tape in the oven, lols.

  16. woodyroby says:

    Hey guys I have been dyeing discs as well… and one of the things you can use for a back lit source is just a window or a sliding glass door while its sunny.

  17. loadyourhead says:

    beastie boys in the background oyea!!!!

  18. jugglinggenius says:

    vinyl in the cabinet and tape in the oven?? what the hell do you guys eat lol

  19. NJDiscGolf says:

    Do you often keep office supplies chilled at around 34 degrees and at a toasty 350? Odd storage places.

  20. kazanyemmi says:

    this is odd. I have the same lite table but its a different brand logo on there… I bought mine like 10 years ago too ahaha

  21. doblydoo905 says:

    you guys should make a super man 1 and show how you get the blue and the red on with out it turning purple

  22. Trent Herrington says:

    will this stain your pot? can you still use it for cooking?

  23. Roy Baker says:

    haha this foo! got tape in his oven lol good video guys

  24. Mitchell Wittmann says:

    @riconess22 just buy some Goo-Gone or Goof Off it takes that stuff right off, and its cheap.

  25. alxoglesby says:


  26. whatisaredneck says:

    Hahaha, tape in the oven and ruler in the fridge – classic and thanks for the tips. 😉

  27. riconess22 says:

    Amazingly helpful. I’m getting pretty good at your proven technique. Do you ever run into problems getting rid of the vinyl adhesive residue? My designs look great, but I’m stuck with sticky residue that will eventually cone off with rain, picking at it and what not…but I wanted to know if you had any insight.

  28. bwhitmer says:

    that would be an oven

  29. nataskaos says:

    Great video, thanks!
    Although, no one else has mentioned that you keep your scotch tape in the stove.

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