Disc Golf Tips — driving!!

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Almost all of my videos until now have been about putting. But now that it’s spring and field work has become a usual part of my schedule, I want to share wh…
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Go Deep in the Game of Disc Golf with Discmania! Click the CC-button for captions. In this final episode of the series Discmania founder Jussi Meresmaa and D…

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48 Responses to “Disc Golf Tips — driving!!”
  1. Cheo Jackson says:

    Great video! Thanks for sharing! I feel like I picked up a lot from this, and I can’t wait to get out and try it today!

  2. John Highstreet says:

    Very enjoyable, love to hang out with a pizza and beer and talk shop sometime.

  3. DaManWangsta says:

    Keep up the good work this is a very informative video. Thanks!~!

  4. Cameron Ramsey says:

    I played baseball for 14 years. Also played football and ball golf. I guarantee most disc golfers are more athletic than you. Think not? Try it.

  5. MsBettyRox says:

    This was very helpful to me. Looking forward to some mid-range insight.

  6. MrSparge says:


  7. Sean Murphy says:

    disc golf is for stoners that can’t play any other sport

  8. pappafly says:

    Let’s spend 1500.00 on a rod of steal and spend another 80.00 just to go outside for 4 hours and hit a 3 dollar ball into the woods. Golf is about flaunting your money (or going broke pretending you have money) – Disc golf is about good friends, a community of like players and just a great sport (that ins’t tainted by advertisements and stupid )

  9. pappafly says:

    “real golf” is a waste of money, period.

  10. Sean Murphy says:

    only real golf is with clubs and a ball

  11. Jacob Crisp says:

    Great tips, used to do the same thing in ball golf but would hold tees or a towel under my armpits. Thanks for the video, reminded of something to work on!

  12. michael morin says:

    i plan to get these tips into my training ASAP. thanks for an informative vid.

  13. scarboroughdrew says:

    thats cool that you would mention garret. I have known him before I even played disc golf. he lives down the road from me.

  14. Torrey Laffoon says:

    Yeah, I say “um”. Thanks. I bet you’re a fantastic public speaker.

  15. nengel28 says:

    0:21  0:24 0:31 0:37 0:39 0:43

  16. Michael loyd says:

    I can’t wait to try these tip. Thx

  17. Outofberath says:

    Intelligent tip as well as a good concept to practice i will try this and see if it helps =)

  18. newboldspawn says:


  19. ratherbediscgolfing says:

    Excellent tutorial!! Great public speaking too! Good confidence!

  20. lptaylor81 says:

    any tips for a side arm thrower?

  21. ToravonTV says:

    i thought you did a good job with the explanations, forget about the people that said you took too long. they probably want to watch a 3 minute video and be professionals instantly. this was full of insight.

  22. rufusoilt says:

    Good video bro thanks

  23. Torrey Laffoon says:

    Okay, next time I’ll keep it nice and short just for you since you asked so nicely.

  24. rajkcme says:

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  25. redeyedpoohbear says:

    Ahahah i love how he says 48 Degrees is cold. Pfft ~

  26. kipper1314 says:

    if only i could go to that warehouse and grab all that plastic

  27. krevo81 says:

    He also didn’t break the 200 meter mark

  28. Nathan Iskowitz Alex Correia says:

    Jussi didn’t grunt

  29. joey novack says:

    00:02 uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh

  30. joey novack says:

    @ 00:2 uuuuuugh

  31. Terrzip says:

    00:20 is that place heaven? :o

  32. bigleague5 says:

    throw with a 30 mph tail wind

  33. kizzaht says:

    I was thinking the same thing lol

  34. curtis2439 says:

    love these discmania videos time to put the knowledge i learned from these on the course! Great drives also 202 meters is insane I could only imagine throwing that far lol

  35. Tom Brinkman says:

    Hahaha, I was thinking I saw a minivan. I thought I was mistaken because with how slick the video was, that would be lame. I guess they’re lame 😉

  36. tjtomax says:

    spin rotate hop 180 O_o

  37. bigleague5 says:

    the extreme music and hardcore nature of the video and then they come speeding up in a minivan. lol. they could have at least rented an old muscle car to make these videos!

  38. James Brewer says:

    I totally agree. Throwing straight as a laser every time is difficult.

  39. ffjaronhalt5 says:

    with the amount of snap they are getting off these discs even in a tail wind they would still just be getting a roller out of a katana. with the boss its got great high speed glide but not enough to turn completly on its side to get a solid S curve.

  40. bennoyes05 says:

    i feel like i’ve got the power these guys do, but i can’t get it over about 400′. What can i do?

  41. FreeHempNow says:


  42. TawpDog says:

    Neither, I’m 16 and live 1 mile away from a course.

  43. FreeHempNow says:

    riding unemployment or living with mommy still, or both, 😛

  44. TawpDog says:

    Bitch please. I play everyday. 😛

  45. extraMAYOporfa says:

    662 feet! Nice!

  46. KiritinChannel says:

    That’s what it is in distance competitions 🙂

  47. supakimmo says:

    after this vid I’ve got 20-40m more distance and a broken curl muscle from right-hand ring finger..

  48. zaxmazr says:

    Such a staged video, lol

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