Disc Golf tips: Disc golf disc basics, Understable? Overstable?

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This is a video to help beginners understand the difference between understable, stable, and overstable discs.
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25 Responses to “Disc Golf tips: Disc golf disc basics, Understable? Overstable?”
  1. DiscraftandInnova says:

    Sidearm will put a lot more torque and snap on a disc than a backhand will generally. Also since the blizzard discs are lighter weights they may fly more understable causing them to flip to the left for a sidearm. My Blizzard teedevil was extremely understable. I would highly reccomend you watch my new videos on stability for more info.

  2. MidwestwreckingKrew says:

    thanx very helpful Ive been tryn to figure out this DD2 in Blizzard I throw a boss normaly but always S my throw same with my wahoo or groove now the DD@ Blizzard is marked 13,5,-2,2 same as my groove and Wahoo but when me and my buddy throw are DD2 sidarm it just banks left all the way to the ground I cant figure it out any input on on this

  3. DiscraftandInnova says:

    thank you and thanks for watching

  4. cumtum04 says:

    Good informative and simple thanks for the help!

  5. DiscraftandInnova says:

    glad to help, cheers

  6. Breiher2478 says:

    Helped me out a lot I am just starting

  7. schlamphure says:

    Great video. i just started playing disc golf and I am slowly getting better. I still struggle a little keeping the disc flying straight when driving. I just finally finished a video of some highlights of us playing. Let me know what you think /watch?v=hjwvfgtMewo

  8. natstaff says:

    Being a total newb, I love this video because it’s really helpfull. Thank you for posting this awesome vid! 🙂

  9. DiscraftandInnova says:

    You need to have more arm speed and snap. Reference the Discraft instructional vidoes. I try not to give throwing advice on my channel because I feel you are better off learning throwing technique from professionals.

  10. arudolph22 says:

    Wow, that is great–thorough and very helpful. Thank you. I don’t have a big arm so I figure I need to actually learn how to throw the discs. 🙂

  11. Jodabro says:

    The direction it fades is mearly based on which direction the disc is spinning. Looking from above the disc, a clockwise spin with fade left, counter-clockwise fades right. Also going with this analogy, the snap(rotation rate) is the fuel(Engines). If you have more fuel then airtime that is when a disc lands on the turn(because of pilot). The only straight pilots are discs that are rated 0 turn 0 Fade.

  12. Jodabro says:

    Another way to look at it is as if the disc was and airplane or jet. The center of the disc being the center of the plane. Tilt a wing down it will fly left, tilt it right fly right, nose angle up and down will change the altitude. Stable is like it has a pilot that has heavy left hand(RHBH-LHforehand). Understable is opossite as the pilot has a heavy right hand making the disc/plane turn right. Fade is what happens when the engines run of fuel, the plane start to fall.

  13. Jodabro says:

    Understable on the other hand is tricky because the rotation rate and release angle. If you have the result of a disc turning over to the right(fliping) and hitting ground on the turn, you need to adjust either your release angle or switch to a more stable disc.

  14. Jodabro says:

    Every player rotates discs at different speeds. This causes a lot different opinions on what discs do. Also as you get better your revolutions per second increase, thus changing what your discs used to do for you. A stable disc often labeled 0 turn by innova and other manufacturers will want to get down to the ground, thus for a righthanded backhand thrower that means it will fly left given that you don’t throw with an angle above your head.

  15. arudolph22 says:

    @Jodabro I feel like both you and @DiscraftandInnova understand the physics of discs very well. But I had difficulty following your written explanation. Because the video is spoken, it it easier to understand and this was helpful. I am at the point of playing where I am finally ready to know how my discs work.

    Honestly, when Dave Feldberg says in his DVD that “stable discs want to fall to the ground,” I don’t know what to make of that. I need more explanation because I have limited knowledge.

  16. DiscraftandInnova says:

    Thanks. I mention weights in another video. I end up playing Vance park a lot because I am in SE Portland. But I play many other courses in Oregon and Leverich in WA. Thanks for watching.

  17. northwestblazinfire says:

    great video but i didnt hear any mention about disc weights

    The lighter the disc the less stable, and also as your disc wears it becomes less stable.

    Wheres your home course? Im in sedro woolley WA

  18. Pnasalberta says:

    how do i get more spin on my discs?

  19. DiscraftandInnova says:

    @briqlet, Glad I could help you out. Thanks for watching, cheers

  20. briqlet says:

    your vids are SOOO helpful in explaining the foreign language used by most disc descriptions.

  21. DiscraftandInnova says:

    yes, It will turn left and then fade right. Just like a left handed backhand.
    But since forehand throws tend to generate a lot of snap people usually use more stable discs for forehand.

  22. TheSwansed says:

    Thanks for the explanation. Helps a lot …Question- If I am throwing a forehand shot, will the high speed turn and fade numbers for my discs act in reverse…ie. with your valkyrie 13 5 -4 2, will this rip hard left at the beginning and then the average right fade at the end?

  23. eatme233 says:

    The Pro Pig (not R-Pro) has been discontinued by Innova and will no longer be produced in Pro plastic. R-Pro, however, will remain. This is an amazing disc in Pro plastic (much more tacky in R-Pro) and in its lighter weights it floats in water! I love the pig secondly because of the huge rim on the bottom giving you the ability to comfortably forehand throw it. Get yourself a Pro Pig before they are gone folks! They’re worth it!

  24. everteacher says:

    Really helpful. I am new and didn’t know any of this!

  25. DiscraftandInnova says:

    Thank you so much, and thanks for watching, cheers

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