Disc Golf Drive Analysis – 4 Throwing Styles

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Disc discgolf disc golf frisbee, innova, discraft – Geoff Bennett sidearm drive, Coda Hatfield backhand drive, Jerry Barklege forehand roller, George Smith backhand roller. All footage from 2007 St. Louis Open – Creve Coeur Lake, Endicott Park, Jefferson Barracks, Sioux Passage

AWine44 takes an M14 to Berlin and helps his team win some Domination. Disc Golf season is almost here as well! Extra Tags for whores like me: call of duty 5 beta gameplay multiplayer 4 COD5 COD 5 infinity ward xbox 360 microsoft sony playstation play station three 3 PS3 wii nintendo world war 2 WW2 WWII Gears of War GOW 2 1 halo 1 2 3 longshot pwnage owned own3d terrible nine year old n00b glitches terrible Nizmojoe clan exo outsider hitmanN nick nerd trash kid headshot blood gore idiot gears tourque bow grenade cod 1 2 3 4 knife Call of Duty 4 3 2 1 cod3 cod2 cod h2 h3 halo 3 CE Gears of War Infinity ward xbox360 xbox 360 ps3 PC wii doggietreats machinima digitalpheer melee marytdom steady aim mp5 desert eagle 50 cal m40a3 r700 m21 dragunov outstanding superb awesome the shit lol lmao rofle no scope head shot gears of war 2 rainbow six vegas ACOG m4 skorpion g3 g36c m14 ak47 mini uzi shotgun sniper xfycnx dizastor xfycnx iceman snowman The Ziic gdawgum shadowpunish3r xfycnx iceman xbox gears of war 1 gow 1 mad world gary jules angel of evil 360 rape ownage boom headshot pure pwnage ps3 elite halo 3 best sniper ever insane amazing blindfire no scope off host scope shot longshot rifle gears gridlock general ramm tutorial glithes ultimate funny chronicles marcus feenix multi kills clan mlg skill GOW gow fuzzykiller24 nizmojoe nismojoe redux XxgdawgumxX Fuzzykiller 24 headshot montage gears of war 2 gears of war film gears of war sniper montagexbox live amazing no-scope

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39 Ways to Improve Your Golf: A Collection of Practical Strategies and Advice for Taking Your Golf game to the Next Level
Golf Strategies with Robert Karlsson & Simon Holmes (2-1/2 Hour Tutorial GOLF DVD)
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50 Responses to “Disc Golf Drive Analysis – 4 Throwing Styles”
  1. John Kennedy says:

    Thank you for this post manicmonkey420.

  2. Jeb Watson says:

    Frisbee is named after the man who made it. I forget the first name, but his last name was frisbee. They were originally deep dish pie pans which the bakers threw during their breaks. From that point onwards, the owner decided to make and sell frisbees.

  3. TheRubiksGOD says:

    @b3asty5n1p3r you just got that from brodie

  4. B3ASTY5N1P3R says:

    first of all the word “frisbee” is a type of disc by whamo it’s not the actual name similar to kleenex we all mean tissue but we call it kleenex. second there’s ultimate frisbee where the objective of the game is closely similar to football. then there’s disc golf as shown here which is basically the equivalent to regular golf, but much more fun. so your argument is invalid stop being an ignorant asshole.

  5. jcking33 says:

    this is really hilarious! cool!

  6. futureleader17 says:

    sweet vid man!



  8. mrlogic4u says:

    what about fudge packer style?

  9. yearofrolling says:


  10. manicmonkey420 says:

    a. Physical activity that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often engaged in competitively.
    b. A particular form of this activity.
    2. An activity involving physical exertion and skill that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often undertaken competitively.
    3. An active pastime; recreation.

    Disc golf satisfies all of these…anything else smartass?

  11. 00BigEddie00 says:

    I like the slow-mo’s they really show the kinetic linking in his body – ie transfer of energy.

  12. professor33036 says:

    You Tube search line: flying plastic the movie. Finally a disc golf movie worth watching.

  13. sXekid777 says:

    Define “sport’.

  14. dracomister7 says:

    How the hell is frisbee a fuckin sport

  15. championdger says:

    that used to be me 100 ft big ass hyzer, saw some one throw forehand/sidearm, stopped throwing backhand period, last year, I started to use it a lot more, tried different grips, and now I can throw a little over 400 ft on a good drive. just try new and different grips, and also keep playing, you cant really get worse, unless you stop playing for 8 years like a friend of mine, he still plays, and it’s coming back to him.

  16. newlondonrunner says:

    I started not to long ago with my dad, and found throwing the wolf sidearm flat always tends to turn to a real nice roller, i gotta learn to make it come quicker though since my roll tends to go past the basket

  17. unclemercy says:

    ever bringing more of these, or what?

  18. throwaspirit says:

    George throws some crazy rollers!

  19. Beetardthepwninator says:

    Nice. This vid gives a very clear idea of what timing to use; start the pull as soon as your right foot plants. gydigh, the backhand throws were done with a powergrip. The forehand shots were the middle finger against the inside of the rim with the index finger bracing it. On a backhand drive, the key to distance is to pull the disc in straight line close to your body, not swing your arm in an arc, that and use the power grip. Look it up and see some pictures.

  20. gydigh says:

    What would help is if your would show how you are gripping the disc for each throw and then show the throw. Just an idea.
    I usually throw my driver backhand but I am lucky if it goes 100 ft! Really have a hard time throwing it forehand. I’m afraid if I don’t learn how to throw it right that I will be stuck throwing it a 100 ft or less for ever!!

  21. Tony Klassen says:

    First of all, great idea and execution on the video!

    As an amateur player, slowing the shot down to actually SEE the finer points of what was going on is a major benefit. I’m sure it’s a lot more work than it appears to get everything lined out for a video like this, but I think I speak for a lot of folks when I say it’s greatly appreciated!

    And, of course, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I look forward to more footage. 😉

  22. mainedawg420 says:

    nice job
    first time i’ve seen the backhand roller on purpose

  23. jaylewisstl says:

    geoff was throwing a Talon there. definitely more of a controlled drive than pure D. i look forward to a time when i can complain about ONLY throwing 400′.

  24. bigmrmike1 says:

    very nice video and a great shot at the forehand roller, backhand roller and backhand……. the only problem is geoffs shot was not one of his better ones, his discripion on his pulse is 475-620 ft, and from what it looks he threw a hyzer and only around 400 ft, i kno i would love to see him airing out his pulse beacause i myself and a sidearm thrower, the pulse is to much disc for me though i throw a chapion valc. around 350-400ft

  25. Flashblastx says:

    cool video, geoff is one of my favorite players

  26. ronnieron555 says:

    dude, I LOVE DISC GOLF!

  27. TPLgaming says:

    go for it. send us a link so we can check it out.

  28. Swagerilicious says:

    @TPLgaming hey man i like ur vid and i was wondering if i could use it for a montage i will give u credit

  29. suveren09 says:

    6:05 Aimbot 😀

  30. AJ Sankar says:

    ok i dont really use the m14 but i use the fn fal and the fn fal is my first gold gun and i am amazing with it and ill post a vid with it and give you a shout out, and you are amazing that was a great gameplay my gamertag is INFRIGGINSANITY all caps


  31. hillgeri says:

    rofl selfbanged

  32. DoTheBacon says:


  33. DoTheBacon says:


  34. TPLgaming says:


  35. TheMadeMan89 says:

    hah someone else with my tastes. i only use smoke screens so enemies cant see me while taking an objective. i hate flashbangs and random grenades. i could get a few more kills each match if i used any of those, but i just like carrying a tomahawk. its just more fun to get a tomahawk kill than a frag kill

  36. DoTheBacon says:

    play some real golf

  37. liILCOLBy says:

    good video man thumbs up from me i live in minnesota 2 🙂 lol

  38. TPLgaming says:

    pot, meet kettle. 

  39. lucarido16 says:

    Lawl you talk about yourself way too much man, too cocky. Besides, I’d kill you in Bops

  40. TheYates54 says:

    Disc golf is awesome some of my favorite discs are the innova boss, monster, roc, and the gateway wizard

  41. Desperado366 says:

    Man ur a legend in black ops 🙂 love ur gameplay! I thumbed up :)
    Check out my channel too? I have collateral noscopes, across map noscopes, tomahawk montages, quickscoping, gameplays, other montages, and other gameplays of other games 🙂 Plz check it out?
    P.s. to all people reading this, sub this guy! he deserves it!

  42. bask185 says:


  43. TPLgaming says:

    thanks for the comment. i think we’re fair weather disc golfers. sweet you get out all year. I still need to get a Z Nuke as well. -AWine44

  44. stripclublover says:

    “disc golf course season is about to start…” I didn’t know it stopped! I live in Wisconsin and play all year, tourneys included. 😉 Now the nuke is old, but the nuke SS is coming soon, should be fun foir big hyzer flips and giant anny’s. I was thinking of heading up there for the a tier event this summer.

  45. TPLgaming says:

    oh sick! which PDGA tournaments do you play in? you a discraft guy? you’re pretty sick at black ops then it seems…you gonna rape us one by one or as a team. Could you take us in a 1v6 Domination match or something?

  46. bhuff86 says:

    PRO discer here, and probably rape you guys on black ops.

  47. awine44 says:

    next time we go to BRP you’re in. between DK, pFinn, KG and myself we could fill you a nice bag of used dicks…i mean discs.

  48. mysterowl says:

    Makes me want to rock that m14 a bit more…agreed on the grip. it’s a must.

    I keep saying every year that I should get into disc golf. I have a ton of friends that play and a course that is apparently pretty sweet 5 minutes from my house in Blue Ribbon. So…maybe this is the year….Gimme your old discs.

  49. davebts77 says:

    what is it with europe and soccer?
    I play disc golf, and foosball.
    and i watch football.

  50. kg21rules says:

    Cool to see the quick kills with the M14. Nice pwnage this match. 50 kills is money.

    I remember when I first got the nuke, I pledged not to throw it until I got a nuke in MW2. Then I got a nuke and I rememebr picking up my Nuke disc, which I had next to me for some reason, and kissed it. Then I threw it and it sucked. Force and Pred forever, although I may have to try a Z Nuke to see if I like it better.

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