Disc Golf A Tutorial Engage!

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Disc Golf A Tutorial Engage!

Disc Golf Champ Captain Kirk Patrick Cradles the Baby
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Top pro Liz Carr shares her disc golf prep strategies. Are you ready to win, or simply play?
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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23 Responses to “Disc Golf A Tutorial Engage!”
  1. gregorymwizard says:


  2. shaungates says:

    I’m in SoDak too!

  3. Jaredt93 says:

    same here in south dakota but it was a little muddy here not great idea threw on mud slipped on a hill twisted my ankle just note to everyone always be careful

  4. LokiOwl says:

    Great video. We’ve had a warm winter here in Kansas so the DG bug has bitten me and my friends earlier than usual. Thanks for the reminders on how to warm up for a round.

  5. barnchips says:

    good video but common disc craft lets see some new vids already get on it stat !

  6. Guitarlover762 says:

    Man she is cutee :)

  7. peter007crouch says:

    I like cheese burgers and red bull! And beer! A BIRDIE A BEER! Thats my motivation 🙂

  8. loadyourhead says:

    when i warm up I like to jump up and down, and yell like a banshee. also helps to intimidate to competition.

  9. Str8Discin says:

    Good tips. I love Discraft!

  10. ptroy654 says:

    If I hadn’t already been a player, someone like Liz would inspire me to start. She should do more clinics. She speaks well, knows her stuff and is hot! I hope I can watch her play some day.

  11. S0c0J0e says:

    Need to start warming up better, I just get out do a few stretches and throw some plastic lol.

  12. cpjackson79 says:

    For me, I’m usually short on time. I have to get that round in quickly and efficiently because I probably shouldn’t have gone to the course in the first place! 

  13. NYtoPDX says:

    Everything she says makes total sense. I am just usually so desperate to let em fly when i get to the course that i don’t end up warming up enough.

  14. weedboogs says:

    Liz is awesome! She is currently one of the top ranked women in the world and definitely knows her stuff. Thanks Liz!

  15. g0ing2n0where says:

    This is kinda silly. B4 discin i usually do mcdonalds, beer and a bowl

  16. cpjackson79 says:

    Another symptom of dehydration — you can’t retain any electrolytes (you need both water and potassium sodium is assumed) and you are more susceptible to muscle cramps.

    You may not see much value in these tips as a teenager or a 20-something, but they resonate more as you get older.

  17. themoderateextremist says:

    yea, seriously, I want to get better at this game so i can start showing up at some tourneys and not be losing multiple discs in the water and woods. I wish someone would throw my discs back to me, but instead I just buy up the used discs at play it again sports

  18. johnwabash says:

    Liz Carr Superfan!!!

    Also, this is a great vid with great tips. Getting loose and ready should be priority 1!

  19. MidasTitus says:

    Great ideas… the only hard part is finding people who want to put in this much prep with you before playing a round or two. Sometimes, playing casually is fun. The catch is… you can’t complain about playing poorly then! Nice vid, great tips.

  20. Polyology says:

    These are good ideas. I might not be able to get my friends to jog but playing catch and some practice putts will help them start their game a lot better:quicker. Good Video

  21. frankinho12 says:

    Awesome tips

  22. solemngreavance says:

    VERY GOOD for every sport practically, the lamest part is that most ppl wont even finish this video 🙁

  23. VarVar09 says:

    first view

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