5 Responses to “David Leadbetter Swing Tips : Grip”
  1. releasethehounds01 says:

    This video is incredible! It corrected my grip and now I don’t open up the club face anymore! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  2. fatalsignal says:

    This lesson totally misleads a novice golfer. This is without understanding about grip and swing mechanism. There is no why !!

  3. ccalculus says:

    This guy is the most boring golf instructor I’ve ever seen or heard ! But what a talent as a businessman…
    Teach the beginners the grip this way and half of the bunch is getting back to Tennis !
    It’s a boring “how to” video instruction not a “what to” instruction sequence, the difference between a teaching environment and a learning environment…guess what the latest neuroscience research applied to learning says about it…?

  4. songomz says:

    i love it ! thanks David !

  5. litaguo says:

    This is very useful thankyou

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