Battlefield 3 Sniper Tutorial Bolt Action Sniper Comparison (Distance and Moving targets)

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Nikko demonstrates the technique of throwing hyzers and anhyzers in Howland, Ohio 1/9/2012.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “Battlefield 3 Sniper Tutorial Bolt Action Sniper Comparison (Distance and Moving targets)”
  1. ninjateddy608 says:

    How does´╗┐ that bigass rifle (the M98B) Weigh 3 pounds lighter than the M40A5, which is significantly smaller?

  2. tpiresph says:

    The distance is in the marksman points. How far´╗┐ it is, is what you get in points.

  3. tpiresph says:

    Awesome video man learned a lot´╗┐ with it

  4. iipawnstar4hire says:

    jng 90 is glitched it sucks´╗┐

  5. mikhailr13 says:

    I used to love the M40A5. Was always getting´╗┐ 250-300m headshots. Then somehow I got a 746m first shot, was so satisfying haha. But then I changed to engineer for a good while. Now im so bad again at sniping. Currently using the JNG. Dont know if I like it yet.

  6. mikhailr13 says:

    30 I think. 60´╗┐ for the pull straight bolt.

  7. SomeRandomGamerHD says:

    Nevermind. I got it xD
    Now I’m´╗┐ getting my support up.

  8. ferociouspokemachine says:

    Don’t bother getting´╗┐ the bipod lol

  9. fewgee1 says:


  10. YellowBuike says:

    How do you see the distance of the´╗┐ shot?

  11. SlimeCoaT007 says:

    very nice thanks´╗┐ helped out a lot!

  12. SomeRandomGamerHD says:

    How´╗┐ many kills with the SV98 do i need for Bi-pod?

  13. ihatekid says:

    playing as´╗┐ recon class

  14. Jean Santiago says:

    How do you unlock snipers in´╗┐ bf3?

  15. TheEyeofEA says:

    If anyone needs some sniping help, get in touch! We have a very accurate BF3 sharpshooter among´╗┐ our ranks willing to train up anyone who is interested.

  16. Snipe42 says:

    Did you mean the L96´╗┐ has a higher velocity then the SV98 and the M40? So in essence it’s stronger not weaker right?

  17. ARedMustang says:

    No, bullet drop is the same. ´╗┐ you just don’t have to zoom out to reload.

  18. isaiahvigil72 says:

    My´╗┐ farthest headshot 1239yd M98B

  19. TheNaga133 says:

    I don’t´╗┐ really understand the graph little help?

  20. Haydn Aldridge says:


  21. cardinalsown44 says:

    If you want free gift cards to Itunes, Xbox, Psn, etc. Then download app trailers from the app store or android market for free. Then redeem the bonus code joey1324 for free´╗┐ stuff.

  22. kuilan619 says:

    I use the sv98 with straight pull´╗┐ bolt. will that affect the bullet drop?

  23. NRGearz says:

    Thanks for the video, I used this information to make a little booklet for when I’m sniping at longer ranges, and it helps to figure out long range shots.´╗┐

  24. TjderGeraet says:

    you guys did it the wrong way not the sniper has to move the 600,200.. meters the´╗┐ target has to do it

  25. josef person says:

    ever fly a helo before?´╗┐

  26. CowboyKiller23 says:

    Also Discrafts Nuke SS is perfect for those´╗┐ straight long throws

  27. FlawlessQTpie says:

    Its all up to preference really. If you like to release your discs flat and let it turn over for the anhyzer, then use something understable like leopard or beast or sidewinder, but if you want to release the disc in the actual angle its going to fly for the anhyzer , then use something stable that wont turn over anymore and will´╗┐ just keep the exact angle you release it on. aka Teebird or wraith or roc

  28. dramame says:

    The only person worth watching for´╗┐ form info.. thx nikko

  29. Carson Nyenhuis says:

    Awesome Video!´╗┐

  30. gkotk says:

    yes use an understable disc for anhyzers somethin like a sideiwider´╗┐ stratus leopord

  31. Rob Cliffton says:

    on the anhyzers are you using an understable disc? I am pretty new to disc golf and am try to get this´╗┐ one down to minimize my side arm throws.

  32. Rideandlively says:

    hyzer flips look so´╗┐ cool..

  33. beefzerky says:

    Pink Floyd.. i´╗┐ throw best when im blastin floyd on the skull candys. Nikko, did you pick this backround music? or did the editor

  34. Maine DiscGolf says:

    Nikko, for hyzer chip shots are you throwing mid range discs?´╗┐

  35. TZ3z says:

    I throw an´╗┐ XL from discraft, i put with an Aviar from Innova.

  36. Giggelitesille says:

    Pink Floyd.´╗┐

  37. blijen says:

    Sadly´╗┐ the course I play is just wide open former farm fields…

  38. DiscraftandInnova says:

    Watch again and look at his posture. He doesn’t vary his form too greatly depending on release angle. He kinda´╗┐ leans into the hyzer and follows through on that plane and stands up straighter almost leans back for the anhyzer and again follows through on that plane.

  39. jdlkajd says:

    the reach backs on his hyzers definitely have a hyzer angle to them. but the reach backs on his annys look like they have a hyzer angle. obviously doesn’t make a damn difference though. the disc is gonna follow the angle that its released at. if you pause the video at his release´╗┐ you can clearly see the angle is what it was supposed to be (hyzer vs. anhyzer).

  40. jdlkajd says:

    because most courses´╗┐ aren’t open football fields…

  41. Pnasalberta says:

    on his reach back it looked like a mirrior´╗┐ image of what he was throwing so if it was hyzer it has anhyzer on the reach back is that supposed to happen on full power drives?

  42. Tiegurrr says:

    These instructions are´╗┐ great. You’d have to be borderline challenged to not be able to use these tips

  43. timmytime1793 says:

    Great instructional video. Also pretty cool that´╗┐ he is throwing at my old high schools biggest rivals.

  44. thielenm says:

    Good question. Some pros have a horizontal release, I would do whatever works for you and the discs you use. If you have really stable discs´╗┐ a horizontal release is just as good if you ask me.

  45. Matslifeshow says:

    I was having a hard time getting distance out of my throws. But I just tried thowing a back hand stretching all the way back like you do. In one day I now have the some of the longest drives at my local course. It shocked my brother.,´╗┐

  46. hedrinklz says:

    A little earlier in the day would be preferable. Start by pointing at the desired time on the clock, then… Nice vid,´╗┐ though. Helpful stuff.

  47. schlamphure says:

    Great video.´╗┐ i just started playing disc golf and I am slowly getting better. Still struggle keeping the disc flying straight when driving. I just finally finished a video of some highlights of us playing. Let me know what you think /watch?v=hjwvfgtMewo

  48. jjyurkovich says:

    Why hyzer and not totally horizontal´╗┐ release?

  49. sunshinelowe says:

    Presenting your angle of release is good for when you are having troubles varying your angles of toss. Most of the time you do not release at the angle you presented but´╗┐ it allows your mind to prefigure the toss. It also is a great pre-throw method to develop muscle memory.

  50. Harry Pearce says:

    ummmmm,´╗┐ I think he just did.

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