A Game Golf Instruction “How-To” Verify Grip Position

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visit www.AGameGolfInstruction.com for hundreds of golf instruction videos. In this golf instruction video, you’ll learn how to clearly visualize a correct golf grip setup with your own eyes before you start to swing the golf club at the golf course. A correct golf grip is a critical part of creating a sound golf swing. Knowing how to visually recognize a correct golf grip will help you especially on those days when the golf club doesn’t feel right in your hands. You can visually check whether your grip is correct even though your hands may be feeling otherwise. Having a correct golf grip can eventually happen naturally with lots of practice.

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18 Responses to “A Game Golf Instruction “How-To” Verify Grip Position”
  1. mirekarama says:

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  2. GolfLessonsTV says:

    Thanks for the great tip.

  3. BigWiz2345 says:

    everything this guy says is correct EXCEPT the club should go between the bottom of the fingers and the crease of your palm if you cup your hand you will see what crease i mean. then you use the but of your palm as support for the end of the club. for right hand golfers if you take your grip with your left hand then let every finger go except for your trigger finger and the club stays put and doesnt fall it means your doing it right

  4. cuppsgolftips says:

    very well explained!!! this gives you a guarantee in knowing your grip is as close to perfect as it gets. i beleive this should help me ease the mental thoughts of having a bad grip!!!

  5. orangewhiptrainer says:

    like it!

  6. hitmanhawky says:

    check out the proper grip and release at hitmanhawky best lesson on the tube leave comment and thanks hitmanhawky

  7. jamesmaccon says:

    all the problems in my game where from a poor grip! my grip! the easiest part of ones technique to change. the amount of time i wasted agonising over my swing plane. now i just GRIP(strng grip!) it and rip it and i am producing much healthier golf shots. amazing how easy it is to over look this.

  8. lalondea says:

    just moving the snuff box over to the right for me cured my slice in 3 seconds and added another 70 yds to my drives and 15 yds to every iron…wow what a fix…just from a weak grip to a strong grip fixed my game!!! THANKS

  9. lLuckkyMe says:

    correct form nice video
    perfectly explained =]

  10. goofer5964 says:

    Your close, but you need to learn more about the human body and the true functions

  11. Qkslvr76 says:

    Move your head!! ….Just kidding, great advise thank you

  12. aimeeslong says:


  13. Samprati vishal says:

    Excellent tip !

    Helped me correct the slice in my drive and increased my drive distance by 40 yards.

  14. dmadras says:

    correctly demonstrated how to get a strong left and weak right. Poor wrist position in left (strong wrist) does not allow your right wrist to sit against the club properly. As a result, all the muscles in the right wrist and right arm sit in an eccentric position which will effect balance of the club during the swing along with sequencing, and leverage.

  15. rkamke says:


  16. AGameGolf says:

    In the Tiger Wood grip video, the pivot point is at the base of the index finger. If you use that pivot point and lay the club across the base of your fingers and then pivot the shaft up into your palm toward a neutral grip, you can see that the clubshaft also rotates slightly toward the spot between your second knuckle and the base of your index finger which is where I show it in this video. If you use a neutral grip, using either spot will give you basically identical results.

  17. AGameGolf says:

    My other video on how Tiger Woods grips the club is more advanced, and might give you additional ideas on what would be best for you right now. Try it out.

  18. gilprod says:

    thank u very much for these tips, i am just starting out and found this very useful!!

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