(3 of 4) Distance Control – Putting Tips and Drills Series by the IMG Academy golf program

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Golf Tips and Golf Drills – Putting Tips and Putting Drills Learn from IMG Academy Golf Instructor, Andrew Oliphant, how to have the correct distance control when putting. This is the thirdvideo in a series of four golf tips and golf drills that will teach you the fundamentals of putting to help you become a better golfer! IMG Academy, located in Bradenton, Florida is the premier golf training facility in the world with golf camps and a full-time residency program, the IMG Academy golf program can help you become THE TOTAL ATHLETE!
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www.golfdigestschool.com Putting Tip by Dave Maga, Director of Instruction at Golf Digest Schools, PGA National Resort & Spa
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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20 Responses to “(3 of 4) Distance Control – Putting Tips and Drills Series by the IMG Academy golf program”
  1. jim weed says:

    being a red-blooded male golfer I find looking at the hole much more appealing than lookin at the balls,,,of course this only applies in the strip club post game,,,nyuck,yuckyuck

  2. uaremypuppets says:

    i think this is a great tip with any length putts, as long as you make sure your putting technique is consistent. get your technique down

  3. derekjeter1994 says:

    um, aiming the putter at the back of the hole only works when the putt is dead straight. duhhhhhhh

  4. Tombradysan says:

    Change the word putt/putter to penis. The video becomes more interesting.

  5. jaxfl2 says:

    Dave. Right on, right on! I found this idea so effective, I completely changed my stance so I can always focus on the hole during the stroke. I do that from any distance. What your eyes see, the body will automatically follow. Check my video, sinking 8 20-footers in a row.

  6. bekithomson says:

    Yes, look at the hole, not the ball.

  7. guitaristSkittles says:

    never take ur eye of the ball #01 rule in golf, this is why u my friend do not play in the USPGA

  8. SuperSpartanKing says:

    shit alert

  9. golfnutster says:

    We going to try this. Let’s see if it works.

  10. orkayen says:

    i tried this tip not just for 3 feet but for longer putts too. I was able to hole most of the 3 or 6 feet and came very close to the holes for the long ones. Thanks for the tip, Dave. This week, I am going to try on the course.

  11. drummerballer01 says:

    It helps with your distances; it’s just a drill. I do it around the green from all distances then do my actual stroke.

  12. Ben Blackshaw says:

    If i do this i hit the ground with the putter head. lol

  13. slacker2313 says:


  14. zz99xx66vv33 says:

    I can’t believe I never thought about trying this, lol.

    I’ll try it ^_^

  15. Benji9999999999999 says:

    One thing that helps me is to do the following:
    1) pick a target on the back of the hole (i.e. a piece of grass). Envision the ball hitting that spot
    2) Make normal putting stroke, trying to dull your brain so that your head isn’t exploding with thoughts that make you nervous.

  16. Kingdome007 says:


  17. blubilbo says:

    i’ve done this for years on the course. People look at you funny until they see me make a lot of putts

  18. nickthaquick1 says:

    hit the ball w/o looking at it? wtf

    ill try it

  19. hubomba says:

    lol at comment.

  20. shinesinpines says:

    I’m tiger woods. Bad tip 🙁

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